From ancient books and Asian culture, we came to know about Yoga (Yoh-gah). Yoga refers to a discipline of body and mind that can give you peace from the inside of your spirit. It is scientifically proven technique which helps to make our physical, mental, emotional improvements along with a great spiritual betterment.

Western medicine and yoga are based on the same principles, but yoga deals with the human body from a different angle. The aim of yoga and western medicine is same, but the process and treatments are a little different. The human body consists of some adaptation of internal change keeping pace with the external changes. In the western language this is called the homeostasis.

What is yoga?

The word Yoga is derived from Sanskrit (Traditional Indian language) . And yoga helps us to have a great physical condition and maximizes the vitality. According to yoga the main energy source is the Chakra (Nerve plexus). This Chakra is situated from the base of spinal to the head. Yoga helps to improve the chakras which have certain function of their own. Each Chakra has its own biological function. And yoga helps to improve this center of energy.

Yoga helps us to have a balance between our internal and external life. The consequences of yoga can be very powerful. Yoga can be done according to ones capability and pace. Yoga is easy to do if we keep it simple. It will be very beneficial if you can include every aspect of yoga in your daily life. The diet, the philosophy, the ritual all can be included to our day to day life. By steady practice, yoga can make you feel different.

How can yoga help?

Yoga is not harmful or painful to do. It is obvious that the yogis who perform yoga can go to some impossible positions by the virtue of their practice.

We all have responsibilities, some frustrations, anxiety, depression, stress and temptations. After all these things how can yoga help us?

Yoga is beneficial in various ways as it gives us the power of self healing and self confidence. It keeps our internal system healthy and fit. By focusing on improving the muscles, improving the breathing system and many more things yoga gives us a controlled and balanced physic. These powerful things help us to give a great foundation to form the physical and mental structures.

Yoga is like a new human being growing up inside you. It has a great power to dispel stress. By the great combination of postures, or asana, it gives our mind the signals that can help greatly to get rid of stress. It teaches us how to cope with the stressful circumstances.

A general exercise can help to improve a certain part of the body but the yoga makes improvements to all parts with a great vigor. The great power which is hidden among us can be revealed by this great practice.

By doing the yoga stretching daily we can develop the great power lying in us. Our body becomes more flexible and strong with a great balancing power. Improved digestion systems and excellent blood circulation is the result of yoga.

With great care of heart, blood pressure, breathing and perfect visions we become the fittest. It is like making a bridge between the mind and body to transfer the essential elements to run ourselves. Yoga brings mind to body and body to mind. By coming back to the center of our mind we can tapped in to energy source.

There is no harsh movements in yoga which can give you pain as it avoids these kind of movements. It’s not like those aerobic classes which tend to be very interesting in first few weeks but make you bored and frustrated later on.

Aerobics can be very interesting if it is done with great care and if yoga is included in aerobics it is a blast of energy and great power with spiritual improvements. If you are a swimmer then yoga ads a new era in your moves by making the joints loose and empowering your organs.

Yoga gives you such power that cannot be gained that easily. The performance of every work you done is developed day by day with the regular practice. But it is to be mentioned that yoga is all about progress in personal performance. It is not included in competition. Good luck and do some yoga.

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