In this site I haven’t written much about women’s health. But it is true that women have to face many issues of health and fitness in their life. So I decided to write an article about 24 hour fitness for women. The epidemic obesity is seen women. Women folk suffer from many undesired diseases. They suffer from high risk of pregnancy.  So a woman should be much concerned about her health. By following some tips daily women can preserve their health. There are many tips that can be incorporated for the optimization of women’s health. I will discuss about the 24 hour fitness of women. Yes, that’s right you will get the best 10 tips for the betterment of women’s health. So let’s get started.

1. Daily workouts:

I am keeping this point in the first position. Yes discover the benefits of daily workouts. Though it is challenging it will bring great results for you. For making your daily exercises a success follow the following rules:

  • Be consistent in your work outs.
  • Take help from women work out guides.
  • Set a realistic goal.
  • Make realistic routine for workouts and don’t forget to follow it.
  • Make your plans in such a way which will not conflict with your daily works. (I know its difficult).
  • Be patient. Either you can go to gym or do yoga by yourself but the key is to be patient. The success will kiss you.

Always include some cardio in your daily workouts.

2. Diet for women’s health

It is common tips for both men and women. A healthy and nice diet full of fibers, fruits and vegetables can be proved too much advantageous for women. Now you can ask why a healthy diet is too much important for women. Because:

  • You will not get heart disease if you take good diet.
  • You will remain free from type 2 diabetes.
  • You will remain free from some of the cancers.
  • Be free from Strokes.
  • You will keep your weight in control and have nice and beautiful figure.
  • I think these points are enough to make you concern about diet.

What type of diet should you take?

  • A low carb, low fat and high fiber diet will help you in many ways. High fiber foods will help you to lose weight. Losing weight by high fiber food is a very easy way to control weight.
  • A diet full of fruits and vegetables is very good option. These will provide you with complex carbohydrates and increase your longevity.
  • Whole grain foods are much better.
  • Eat sprouted beans and legumes for alternative source of protein. Avoid meat and eggs. There are many plant based proteins which will fulfill your needs for protein.

Include these diet plans for your 24 hour fitness.


3. Live a stress, anxiety and tension free life

If you have tension you will be in stress and also develop anxiety. These things are very much harmful for your regular life. These things are really detrimental. It will cause your:

  • Sleeping problem
  • Loss of appetite
  • Loss of libido (Create low sex drive).
  • Create relationship status
  • Eventually you will develop a broken health.
  • The mental condition will be very bad and you can develop severe hallucination.

So keep your job tension and family tension apart from your daily routine though it’s very difficult.


Living a tension free life is mandatory for keeping women’s health in good condition.

4. Stop alcohol and drug abuse

Alcohol and drug’s abuse can ruin a women’s life. The negative effects of alcohol abuse in women’s health are just too many. These are problems of alcohol and drugs abuse in women:

  • Women have a lower body mass than men and alcohol abuse can make your blood sugar high. Also there must be problem of metabolism.
  • Co-morbid drug abuse can cause greater risk in women’s health.
  • Alcohol abuse can numb your sexual feelings.
  • Women can suffer from liver disease due to alcohol abuse.
  • Pregnancy and childbirth are affected by alcohol.

So leave these things for the betterment.

5. Resolve the relationship difficulties

Find solutions to your relationship problems. If you are suffering from relationship problems, you are likely to develop tension, anxiety and stress. The effects of these things are discussed in the point # 3. Figure out what to do to make your relation more amusing and entertaining.

  • Increase the trust between you and your partner or husband.
  • Get some time to think about these matters.
  • Make the relation more romantic.
  • Take right decision at the right time.

Actually it is up to you to solve this problem. But solve this problem ASAP because it’s going to harm your health (Both physical and mental).

6. A good sex life for women’s health

A good sexual life for women is very much important. It keeps a good heart rate and blood pressure. It is seen that women having sex less than twice in a month suffer from many diseases (Source: The Journal of Sexual Medicine). Regular orgasms are necessary for women. It also delivers a good immune system in women. By having sex you burn some calories which is helpful in losing weight. And most importantly better sex life creates a great intimacy . It helps to solve the relationship problem.


7. Regular diagnosis

It is tip which is essential for everyone. Keep the records of your health condition. A regular routine checkup is very useful. Do the whole body checkups twice a year. If you are suffering from some kind of disorders it will come out in the tests.

8. Take care of menstruation or monthly period

Menstruation is a very important part of women’s life. You have to take proper care at the time of menstruation. How to take care –

  • Don’t get panic at the time of period.
  • Always take care of hygiene at the time of period. Keep the pads and tampon ready.
  • It is true that your hygiene is worst at the time of period. So try to remain neat and clean. Take showers regularly while period. It is seen that at the time of period you smell very bad so use deodorant.
  • The pains, pimples and emotional feelings at the time of period are very natural. So don’t get depressed. It will be gone after the period. Just ignore the pains and do your regular works. Don’t
  • miss your job and other works. You have to cope with the situation.

Remember that it is very important for keeping 24 hour fitness in women.

9. Use your leisure time effectively

If you have sufficient time to spare then do some useful works. Don’t make your time wasted in rubbish. Always do something creative for your own good. Read books, write recipes and try them, teach others. These tips are very important for women’s health. And these tips work great when you have just broken up with your boyfriend. This makes you calm and quiet and helps to get enough time to think. Sometimes these pastimes are of great importance for women’s health. You get to know what is more appropriate for you.

10. Follow the tips 1-9

Yes for making your life better and free from disease you should follow the tips from 1 to 9 regularly and daily. It will be of great use if you regularly follow the rules of health and fitness. If you know more important facts that can improve women’s health, then let us know. The better and healthier life for women is the target of this article Women’s health – 24 hour fitness for women.

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