The heart disease symptoms for women may differ from men. That is why women do not realize that may be they are suffering from the potential threat. In statistics it was shown that 1 in 4 women die due to heart disease. And this rate is higher than the death of women due to breast cancer. So heart failure in women is increasing day by day. Women of all ages may get heart diseases. From the age of 20 women should be aware of their heart. They always should take necessary steps to keep their healthy. The rate of death due to heart failure is more than 4 times than breast cancers. So we must realize the fact that not only old men are vulnerable to heart diseases it can affect kids, young people and women of all ages. In this respect they should keep in mind that some strategies can save them from this fatal disease. Maintain discipline and changing the life style can save women from such kind of disorder.

Whether you are young or old you have the potential risk of having a heart failure. Most of the time girls aging from 20s to 30s don’t think about their heart care. It is a great mistake. Cardiovascular disease can grasp you at any time. So, why not take care of your heart from the early days. Cardiovascular disease (CVD) can be marked as the number one reason of women death in modern world.

Poor nutritional causes, smoking and lack of physical exercises can make a teenager victim of heart failure. S o in the early days of your life select a good and reasonable life.

If you are a patient of CVD and somehow you have survived from it, it does not mean that you are completely risk free. This kind of disorder can result permanent disability to women. Most of the times getting a full recovery is not possible.

After menopause the threat of coronary diseases increases. So behave in a way that will help you in fighting the future risks of CVD.

The rise of diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity can lead women to heart diseases. So be careful and make yourself resistant to these diseases by doing regular cardio and other training. This article can be proved helpful to you.

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From many researches it is found that women develop a different kind of symptom comparing to men in coronary diseases. So there may not be the intense pain in your heart but you can fall to a victim of heart failure. If you feel short of breath, nausea, abnormal sweating then do not take it easily. Visit physician and diagnose you organs for being confirmed about your heath condition.

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