It seems unbelievable when someone says that sweet treat can trim diabetes. But from recent researches of the British Medical Journal it is confirmed that diabetes risk can be reduced up to 31% by having some selected sweet treats. And this sweet dish can be chocolate! From researches it is clear that the risk of heart attacks and stroke can be drastically minimized by the disease fighting antioxidants of chocolate and cocoa powder. So cocoa can save our lives. The amount of antioxidants cocoa powder contains is more than any “superfruit” (blueberries, cranberries, acai etc.) Actually cocoa contains disease resistant antioxidant flavonol. This antioxidant is also found in tea, wines, fruits and vegetables. People having dark chocolates or cocoa can keep themselves free from cardiovascular disease (CVD).

Why does cocoa help reducing heart attacks and diabetes?

Insulin resistance (IR) is the main condition of enhancing the risk of two type diabetes. Insulin is the hormone produced in the pancreas. It helps the glucose to enter into the cells and convert them to energy. If the body becomes insensitive to insulin pancreas produces more and more insulin to meet the demands. But if the insulin in not given proper treatment it can cause the Meta cells to break down and it leads to two types of diabetes.

IR attacks the blood vessels and cholesterol becomes less effective at purifying blood vessels. As a result the artery lining can experience the wear and tear because of high blood pressure. Blood becomes thicker and stickier and they become clotted. In this condition heart attack is very likely to occur.

And after analysis for a long period of time it is found that chocolate and cocoa have a great influence in reducing the IR. Cocoa is gifted with flavan-3-ol which is very much healthy flavonol.

How does cocoa fights stroke?

High blood pressure is marked as the no. 1 reason of stroke. And it is found that there is a small drop in both systolic and diastolic pressure in people who ate cocoa. This pressure drop is small but significant.

Chocolate, cocoa and flavan-3-ol help to reduce dangerous CVD factors. This is done by increasing the blood flow through vessels, reducing blood pressure and also improving the quality of cholesterol. (All the researches are done by Doneen.)

The best “dose” of chocolate

There is sad news for chocoholics that the researches show that chocolate or cocoa powders are good for health if you consume them in a limited amount. The studies that which are accomplished to understand the effect of cocoa on human body show that the weekly consumption of cocoa was only 2 ounces. However, from the study of European Heart Journal it is found that people, who ate 7.5 grams of chocolate daily, remain 27% risk free from heart attacks and 48% from strokes.

The quality of chocolate needed for heart health

  • The darker the chocolate the better it is for heart. Daily consumption should be 10 grams.
  • If the chocolate is taken within this limit it will of course keep your heart healthy without making you fat.

Some important things must be kept in mind

  • Dark chocolate should have 70 percent cocoa. Milk or white chocolates don’t contain the flavanol we need. So, have cocoa chocolates only.
  • Unprocessed cocoa is the best option for our heart.

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