Eye twitching is very common. It is sometimes also known as an eye tic. This phenomenon also occurs in other parts of our body. The muscle starts to fire because of stress. Eye twitching is also known as myokmia. Usually we see the twitching of the bottom lid of the eye. But it can happen to both eye lids upper and bottom. Stress or tiredness is mainly the cause of eye twitching. There is no specific time limit for eye twitching. It can last for one, two days or even weeks or months. But these are rare cases. Most of the cases it comes and goes very quickly.

Why does my eye twitch?

Stress: There may be much strain in our eyes due to vision problem. If you have vision problems then you are likely to develop eye twitching. The people having eye problems suffer much with eye tic.

Eye strain: If your eyes are working too hard then surely it will suffer from fatigue. So this is one of the most significant causes of eyes to twitch. When eye twitching starts you should take rest. It indicates that you should give your eyes some rest. Excessive use of computers, laptops, tablets or even smart phones can cause eye strain.

Fasciculation: This happens due to the contraction small muscles. It is one of the reasons of eye tic. After muscle fibers being affected the eye starts to tic.

Too much caffeine: Very frequent use of caffeine can cause this eye problem. From many researches it has been seen that too much intake of caffeine can trigger eye problems.

Allergies: People having allergies to some particles. They can suffer from eye lid twitching. It can happen because allergic eyes often produce histamine. Histamine can trigger the tic of eyes.

Tiredness: It was mentioned in the above points that twitching is an indication of eye tiredness. If your eyes are tired then you should develop tic. Ample rest to the eyes can solve this problem.

Malnutrition or nutritional imbalance: There are certain foods that help to give eyes proper nutrition and efficiency. Magnesium can help to reduce the fasciculation. After losing magnesium due to some severe diseases people can have fasciculation. Inadequate magnesium increases the rate of eye twitching. But it is also true that this lacks the scientific evidence. But it is one of the most potential reasons of eye tic.

Dry eyes: In our life span after a certain period of time we suffer from the problems of dry eyes. If you have used computer for a long period of time you can have that problem. Mainly age-old people suffer from the problems of eye twitching.

Improper setup of contact lenses or glasses: If you are using contact lenses then you must use them carefully. After using them they should be treated with the solution provided. The dirt in contact lenses or glasses can cause allergy. If the prescribed contact lenses are of inaccurate powers then it can cause problem.

Lack of good sleep: If you are not having a peaceful and good sleep then you will develop this eye problem. Lack of sleep triggers the potential risk of stress and fatigue.

To get relief of eye twitching you should see an eye specialist. Long term problem of this type can be very annoying.

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