Don’t Diet, Just Eat More

Eat these fruits and foods. These will help you because these are full of fibres and will keep your stomach full. Reduce the consumption of carbs and take this fruits. To make your skin look healthy and smooth in summer, try to have these foods. These are foods which can be proved very useful in summer. These foods sometimes useful in losing weight in summer. Eat:

Avocados – these are full of vitamin E. It keeps the skin moist give you a lot of fibres.

Blackcurrants and Blueberries – Blackcurrants have a plenty of vitamin C. This fruit helps to develop a good immune system and keep the skin smooth. The blueberries have antioxidants. Antioxidant helps to fight off the free radicals in our bodies.

Garlic – it protects us from indigestion. Stomach ulcers and bowel cancers can be taken care off by garlic. It also helps to reduce bad cholesterols.

Eat a lot of greens – these are great sources of calcium and potassium. Spring greens can be taken in summer for calcium and other minerals.

Eat a lot of nuts – to get enough magnesium.

Eat a lot of oily fish – for getting smooth skin and good cardiovascular system. These fishes will provide you with Omega 3 essential fatty acids.

Eat onions – these are good for health in summer. Onions helps detoxify our body. Onion is a great vegetable to be eaten in summer.

If you ask what to eat in summer then nutritionist will give advice to eat tomatoes. These fruit or vegetable is a very good source of lipoic acid. Lipoic acids works as a catalyst to improve brain power and gives a boost in the energy level.

Eat and Drink Less

Alcohol – Calorie counting of dieting can be achievable if this hard drink is totally omitted.

Sodas and Soft Drinks – avoid these because they are full of sweeteners and artificial flavours. They also contain caffeine which is not a good option for summer.

Sausages – you must avoid foods that are full of fats. In summer we should avoid sausages as it full of harmful fats.

Chips – You should avoid it because of the same reasons mentioned in the ‘Sausages’.

White Bread – avoid white bread because it has unnecessary carbs and very little fibre.

Buns – It is full of sugar. Avoid it.

Cheese – Chess can give you calcium. But over consumption of cheese can lead us to attain unwanted fats.

Be a Vegetarian

It is best when you are 100% vegetarian in summer. Fishes, poultry meats all should be avoided. You will certainly live a longer life if you take the vegetables only! Vegetarianism helps to lower the heart rat. Hypertension, blood pressures, bad cholesterol can be kept in control by eating vegetables. Try to become a vegetarian. It will encourage you to restrict your calories. Becoming slim is associated with vegetables.

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