The people having Obsessive Compulsive disorder (OCD) are stuck to a particular thought. And they always try to perform the act to get the remedy of this thing.  In OCD the patients just cannot let themselves free from this thought. One example of common OCD is becoming worried about germs and washing yourself again and again. It is very much common among the people across the world. The sufferers tend to do the same works repeatedly. Sometimes it is seen that they are doing the same work for hours. They are often obsessed to worry about a thing and cannot get rid of them. The people suffering from OCD always suffer to take a decision quickly. They have a bad temper and always remain in tension. This disease is seen more frequently among the girls than boys. Though it is very much common disease, the pain it gives can only be realized by the patients. The number of patients gone through this disease is highest in US. In medical science OCD refers to do a work or thinking about a thing repeatedly.   This disease tries to impede the thoughts and habits of the patient, but not able to do that.

There are two types of obsession as we know

  1. In works
  2. In thoughts

Number of OCD patients in the world

At times it was believed that OCD is a rare disease. But afterwards it is found that patients suffering from it always try to keep their thoughts secret and as a result they do not come to take treatments from doctors. So it was difficult for the doctors to get a clear concept about the number patients suffering from it.

At 1980s National Institute of mental health confirmed that the number of OCD patients is almost 2 percent! So OCD is more frequent than Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder or manic diseases. It can affect people of any cast and creed. The symptoms of this disease are seen mainly in teenage or adult level. But a recent research has proved that the children studying in primary classes can also be attacked by it. It can hinder the proper mental growth of a child.

Some aspects of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder


The people suffering from OCD have unintentional thoughts or tensions. These people always try to keep themselves free from dirt and keep clothes clean. Sometimes they don’t even shake hands thinking that there may be germs in people’s hand. Sometimes if they do shake hands then they wash their hands with soap for a number of times. Sometimes they come down stairs and recheck if the door is properly locked or not.


Sometimes the inner thoughts of the patient are noticed in behavior. OCD sufferers sometimes can’t behave themselves though it is completely unintentional. These involve counting the same numbers, wiping the floor, checking lockers, money bags again and again.


It is matter of great surprise that these patients have a great insight or realization about the thoughts they are having. These tensions which are hunting them inside their brain are totally meaningless and painful. And they know it very well. If anyone asks them about their mental condition they will surely admit that they are not well. They will also mention that they need some type of mental assistants from a specialist.


An OCD patient certainly has some unwanted and painful thoughts which hunt him/her badly. And this tensions or thought disorders are surely expressed by his/her behavior. The patient puts his best to prevent these thoughts. All mental strength is used by the patient to get rid of these.  Though they try so hard, they cannot keep themselves free from this disorder. For these cases proper treatment is a must. The patients suffering from high intensive OCD totally become detached from their natural healthy life. And they have a tough time to cope with this disastrous situation.

Shy feeling and secretive mind

These patients feel too much shy to express their feelings to others. They seemed to keep themselves in a shell. They feel that if they express their disease or weakness they will be harassed in front of the society or the people they love. So they express their grief or feelings only to the people who are very much trustworthy.

Long-term symptoms

If the OCD is not treated properly then it can take the form of chronic disease. Sometimes the intensity of this disease is in the endurable limit. In these periods the patient feels well. But the disease can become much intense after a pause. So the disease takes the chronic form.

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