In countries like USA, people are dying every day because of heart diseases. It has become a great threat among the people of the world especially for the city dwellers who doesn’t have any time for doing exercise.

But to keep ourselves alive with a healthy and active heart we have to do some sort of exercises. And you have to get a little time from your busy schedule to do these exercises. These are known as cardiovascular exercises or cardio.

In all the countries heart disease has become the silent killer irrespective of men and women. The rate of heart diseases among the women is on the rise. So everybody have to know about the heart disease and strokes for preventing these. And cardio is the preventing heart diseases and strokes.

There are various forms of cardio. According to our ability and body structure we have to do them for keeping our heart healthy. Cardio refers to the exercise of our heart. We can walk, run, swim or can do cycling. These all are excellent forms of cardio.

If it is not possible to do workouts at gym, it is okay. But cardio is highly beneficial and it’s the main weapon to defend heart diseases and strokes. We can take different cardio trainings or can do it ourselves. It increases our heart rate and keeps our heart strong. Heart is the pump that provides pure blood in the different parts of our body. If heart weakens then the whole structure will suffer from the scarcity of blood. So it is obvious to keep the heart healthy, strong and active.

Maintaining a good diet along with cardio will make our heart strong than ever. It helps us to give our heart to work at a definite rate. This rise in the heart rate is the exercise of the heart which can keep it healthy.

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