The ingestion of very cold food like ice cream can cause the brain freezing. When you eat something very cold like ice cream or cold drinks it touches the soft upper palate inside your mouth. This sudden chilling of the palates can cause the constriction of blood vessels. When it becomes wider you may feel pain behind your eyes and forehead. This kind of pain doesn’t last very long. Generally this phenomenon is known as brain freezing. Main cause of this incident is sudden cooling and then sudden warming.

It is observed that licking of ice cream and ice cold drinks can cause the instant headache. The cold foods create the hindrance of blood flow in the brain. So if the blood circulation on that area is brought to normal level then the intense headache can be reduced. Actually the new researches say that rapid changes of blood flow may be the cause of different headaches. So by keeping the blood warm can help us to get rid of this freezing pain.

If you drink ice cold water it can impede the flow of blood through certain important arteries linked to brain.By taking some necessary steps this pain can be minimized. And most importantly this pain is not that destructive like migraines or other headaches. At times it can be so intense but it not lasts for a long period.Always try to eat cold foods slowly. It will help the palates to keep their ample temperature. Generally this pain can occur while consuming cold products and lasts about half minute.

However while eating these foods try to warm up your palates with your tongue. This will help. Drinking a warm substance slowly can be beneficial. You can also use your breath to make it warm inside your mouth. So the main key should be keeping the roof of your mouth warm.

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