Green tea can bring some excellent health benefits. Most importantly green tea is admired for its anti cancer activities. Green tea can reduce the risk of heart diseases by increasing the level of anti oxidants on blood. But in recent researches it is found that green tea can be very useful regarding weight loss issues. Green tea has the ability to burn some calories. If green tea is taken regularly, there may be some very good results. Green tea can be very effective for weight loss. It does not create any side effects in our body. When we bought weight losing products from the market, we do not know whether it can bring some side effects or not. So we have to remain very conscious when using these weight loss products. But this herbal green tea remedy doesn’t have any side effects. So, we can have it without any tension.

There is no actual or fixed quantity of how much tea you should have daily to lose weight. But it is seen that 2-5 cups of tea can help you to shed a good amount of weight.

From thousands of years it has been used in east to attain benefits. These days the green tea is in use through the world because of its numerous benefits.

This tea helps reducing some extra pounds of our body by the thermogenesis . In this process the heat is created to help burning the fat. The fact is that 0.5 kg of weight is equivalent to 3500 calories and taking minimum amount of green tea can burn 80 calories daily by the thermogenesis process.

Green tea not only helps to burn fat but also gives some healthy elements that can keep us free from diseases. Green tea contains Caffeine, Theophyline, Theobromine, Vitamins, Saponins and Epigallocatechine . These elements function in different ways and bring benefits for our health.

The most important weight loss element in this tea is Epigallocatechine (EGCG). This works by increasing the metabolism rate. It helps to maximize the amount of noradrenaline. So it lowers the appetite and increase the metabolism.  It helps to reduce the consumption of high caloric food.

Besides losing weight green tea helps us to lead a cancer free life. It also fights the rheumatoid arthritis. So instead of spending a lot of time in treadmill just maintain a diet and have green tea.

Cardiovascular diseases are taken care by green tea as it controls the level of LDL cholesterol and also sugar level. The health conscious people always keep in mind that they need quality and freshness of the consumption. So, green tea can fulfill that requirement for them.

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