Yeast is nothing but a fungus which can grow in the human skin where moisture is present. This fungus can inhabit in wet areas which is full of condensed or diffused liquid. Estimation shows that healthy women can carry yeast in the vaginal area. When this fungus causes vaginitis or inflammation of vagina it refers to vaginal yeast infection. The yeast which is generally responsible for vaginitis is known as candida albicans and this infection is known as candidiasis. Women’s health condition can be deteriorated by this unwanted infection. Sometimes it is very difficult to tell why you are having yeasts in your vaginal area. But there are certain symptoms, causes and prevention of this disease. In this article you are going to discuss about these things.

Vaginal yeast infection symptoms

You may have vaginitis and vulvitis. Vulva is outer part of the vagina or reproductive tract in a female. Vulva is actually the external genital organs which contain labia majora, clitoris and many other parts. I am discussing about vulva because yeast can affect both vagina and vulva. Yeast infection symptoms are as follows –

Itching and soreness

Yeast infection causes itching and soreness in the affected area. This itching and soreness can be severe at the time of urination or sexual intercourse.

Odorless thick white discharge

If you are experiencing these things then there are possibilities that you are infected. These symptoms are seen before menstruation. (Most of the times)

Burning during at the time of urination

This is one of the signs of yeast infection.

Swelling of vulva

There may be an abnormal enlargement of this part of the body due to accumulation of fluid.

I think you have understood how to recognize yeast infection symptoms. These are the main symptoms of yeast infection in women. But these symptoms can be misleading so visiting a doctor after observing the condition is mostly preferred.

Vaginal yeast infection causes

Yeast infection in women has many reasons. Let’s discuss about them:

Abnormal amount of yeast

Your vagina already has the protective bacteria and if these bacteria are reduced due to application of antibiotics then there is a chance of increasing yeast in the vagina. So production of new yeast is responsible for yeast infection. The number of yeasts can be increased by the application of drugs that prevent the production of antibodies. These increased funguses can attack the tissues and cause burning, soreness and itching.

Hormonal and organism imbalance

This is one cause for yeast infection. There may be hormonal imbalance due to pregnancy or hormone replacement therapy. There may be high estrogen levels which influences the yeast growth. Some organisms help to keep the balance of yeast in the vagina. If these organisms are reduced due to application of drugs then yeast infection will arise.

Injury of inner vagina

Women’s health is vulnerable to many injuries. And some of these injuries can cause inner vaginal damage. Cortisone related medications or use of steroids can cause the damage. Chemotherapy can also be a great reason for harm of vagina. This type of medication can substantially harm your immune system. This inner vaginal injury can cause the yeast infection.

Birth control pills

Birth control pills can create an imbalance in the pH of vagina and can influence the increment of yeast in the vagina.

Synthetic undergarments

The tight underwear that is not cotton can increase the problem.

How to treat a yeast infection

You may be suffering from chronic yeast infection but treatment is always present. So don’t be so distressed and frustrated. These infections are not a threat for life and can be controlled by taking necessary steps. There are many yeast infection cures. Let’s try to know about these –

Change the lifestyles

Change in the lifestyle can help you in the prevention of yeast infection. Always wear cotton undergarments. Change your birth control pills if necessary. It is a good option to use condoms instead of taking pills for a long time.

Change the diet

Do you know that yeast increases when you eat more sugar, vinegar and fermented foods? These are the food for yeast. Try to avoid them. So changing your diet is a great cure for yeast infection. Avoid mushrooms, sugars, alcohols and processed foods. You will remain safe from this infection. Don’t cheat with your diet!

Take friendly bacteria

There are many bacteria which are friendly and important for our digestive track. Before taking antibiotics you should be very careful. Antibiotics kill the bacteria and it can kill the friendly ones. You can take some friendly bacteria supplements like acidophilus.

Antifungal agents

Antifungal agents inhibit the growth of fungus and restrict from multiplying. There are many oral agents and vaginal agents. There are creams, capsules and tablets. You can use them according to the prescription of a good doctor.

Yeast infection home remedies

You can take some natural antifungal as the home remedy to prevent yeast infection. Here is a list if home remedies:

  • You can take garlic. It is very good for killing fungus. There are many other health benefits of garlic as well
  • Olive leaf juice can be a very good home remedy for yeast infection.
  • Grapefruit seeds extract are a good remedy for anti-yeast agent.
  • Loose and soft cotton wears are the best.
  • Good hygiene practice is great treatment for yeast infection.
  • Always choose good quality feminine hygiene products.
  • Consumption of yogurt helps to keep the balance the bacteria and yeast. So you can include yogurt in your diet.

These are some of the cure for yeast infection. If you have any query about – How to cure a yeast infection, let us know. We are always there to help you.

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