It is important to have protein for our body. But it is not important to take meat and high fat dairy products as protein source. Our body needs protein and it can be gained from plant based protein sources. The source is not important. The supreme important is the food value. Thinking meat as the main source of protein is a total misconception. There are a lot of alternative sources of protein that serve us better. We all know that high fat dairy products and red meat can provide us with a lot of protein. But they also supply the unnecessary fats which lead us to many diseases. It can clog your artery and lead you to death. These are some of the reasons for which you should avoid cooked animal protein

  • Very harmful for kidneys
  • Hard to digest
  • Inflammation for the tissues as these proteins contain antibiotics and elements that are totally foreign for body
  • Creates heart diseases


There are many alternative protein sources that can boost your natural immunity. Plant based protein is one these alternative sources. Plant based meals are good from all directions. There are many therapeutic uses of fruits and vegetables. So let’s talk about some plant based protein sources which will help you have a healthy heart and fit body.

Best sources of plant based protein
Plant based diet can be proved very useful for the optimization of health. We can live without the conventional protein sources. The consumption of meat, eggs and high calorie dairy products is not necessary. Plant based protein doesn’t reduce your muscle mass rather it improves them. Let’s discuss about some plant based diet and my top 5 plant protein.


It gives you good amount of protein. If you consume 1 cup of lentils it will provide you with almost 18 g of protein!

It is great plant based protein food because:

  • It is a high fiber food. It is a legume which gives you protection for your heart. It also lowers the cholesterol level.
  • Keeps balance in the blood sugar.
  • It is main food in many parts of the world because of its high protein content.
  • Full of iron and Vitamin B which helps you improving digestive, nervous and overall immune system

It is a complete plant protein.


It provides 11g of protein per cup. These are the reasons why you should take Quinoa.

  • It contains essential protein which helps to repair tissues. Helps in digestion, excretion and overall growth. It has more protein than equivalent amount of eggs.
  • It is very good for brain. Great for supplying oxygen to blood.
  • Full of complex carbohydrate and fiber.
  • Excellent food for dieters. It is one of the best plant based protein.


  • Diabetic patients can take it with great comfort because most of the times they have problems with animal based protein.
  • High fiber food.
  • Excellent for the people who are looking for low sodium diet.
  • Works great against some microorganism.


It is blue green algae. It is one of the best plant proteins. Per 10g of spirulina contains 6g of protein. So why should not take it as alternative protein source!

  • Very good energy booster.
  • Takes care of cellular health. They are great for the moderation of cellular immunity.
  • Great for the patients who have digestive problems.
  • Sometimes it helps fighting the viral and bacterial infection.

Beans (My favorite plant based protein)

This protein source is excellent. It is tasty and rich in protein. Great alternative for animal based protein. It supplies 15g of proteins per cup. There are many beans that you can you can have according to your taste. The mung beans are great (containing some essential fluids).

  • Combining beans with brown rice, nuts, wheat can give you all the essential amino acids.
  • It influences the cholesterol level. It has the ability to reduce the cholesterol level.
  • It can lower the blood pressure.
  • The function of colon improves.
  • Bowel problems can be resolved by the consumption of beans.
  • No more constipation.

These are my favorite plant based protein sources. There are many other options for plant based diets. You can take pumpkin seeds, nuts, hemp seeds etc. If you find this article useful please let us know. If you have some great information about alternative protein sources share with us.

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