This post is written from personal experience. The benefits of walking need no telling. We become frustrated after doing some hard exercises. To make our weird shaped body toned, fit and healthy we are ready to do anything. But the people who are overweight cannot think simple things as their mind also things about some overweight exercises. Because of not having proper diet and exercises our present generation is becoming unfit and lazy. Today I will discuss about a very important and true exercise which can trim our fat bodies to a thin and nice one. And this significant exercise is most easy and its name is walking.

Benefits of walking

One of the most effective exercises in the world is walking. After doing a lot of hard work for losing fat you feel too much tired and lose interest to all kinds of works in the later part of the day. If you are a student then it is awful. You lose all the strength to study and consequently you have to give up all these hard work and gym workouts. But if you only walk for 30-45 minutes a day you can have great results.

  1. Walking helps us to lose fat in a steady way. It is to be informed that the steadier you are the more the chances you will have to win the race. Walking brings the same results and it doesn’t make you feel that tired. And you can do your routine works with vigor and joy.
  2. By walking for only 45 minutes a day you can lose 5-7 kilograms of weight within 2 months. It is true and I lose my weight by walking only.
  3. It is the most efficient and effective cardio. It makes our heart stronger. It is good for people of all ages.
  4. From personal experience I can tell that regular walking makes your body limbs stronger and freer to move. After walking for about a week regularly you will feel much eminent in doing routine works.
  5. There is no risk, no pain and no potential threats of occurring accidents while walking.
  6. By walking you will sweat a little which will help your skin to become healthy and also prevent any kind of skin disease. It will eventually cool down your body.
  7. For diabetics it is a great treatment.
  8. It is a fact that abdominal exercises don’t burn much stomach fat but makes your muscle stronger.  Get rid of unwanted belly fat by walking. It is in fact a great exercise.
  9. Sometimes walking is much better than running regarding age and capability of persons. And it helps to have a nice sleep.
  10. Walking helps you to have a nice, good and strong structure of bones. It makes them stronger and active.
  11. Sometimes a nice walk in breeze makes us to get rid of tension, depressionanxiety and stress.
  12. It helps us to enjoy the great sites of nature and provide us with oxygen that helps our blood to remain fresh and prevents cancers.
  13. To get rid of the threats of breast cancer, ladies should try to walk daily.
  14. And lastly walking helps a good interaction between people. It can help to make friends and saves fuel and money.

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