The interaction and change of views between patients and doctors play a vital role in the field of treatment. All the patients have the right to know about her treatment. Patients should be very conscious about their rights. And doctors should also serve their patients in a good manner.

The rights of the patients

  • All the patients have the right of getting high quality treatment.
  • The right of choosing the perfect doctor.
  • The right of discussing all the confidential matters with the doctor.
  • Patients should have required privacy.
  • The information of the patients should be kept in secret record.
  • The right to avoid hazardous operations and treatments.
  • Right to talk freely with the physician.
  • Right to know their treatment processes and updates.
  • Physicians should not use esoteric terms with the patients.
  • The right of alternative treatment is a must for every patient.
  • The right having treatment in a reasonable cost.
  • Mental support from the physician.
  • Patients should know about the results of diagnosis.
  • Selecting the doctors by analyzing their degrees and approval for practice.
  • Patients should have the right to evaluate their treatment procedures.
  • The good behavior of doctors plays as a catalyst in the treatment of the patients.

All these rights should be kept by a physician. If these rights are not kept well then patient’s life can be full of calamities.

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