How to brush your teeth properly

Teeth Structure

Tooth is an essential structure in human. Teeth help us in following ways –

  • Mastication
  • Aids in articulation and speech
  • Gives shape and beauty to the face
  • Sometimes it helps in self protection and attack.

So we must protect our teeth.

A tooth in human consists of three hard tissues- the enamel, dentin and cementum, surrounding a soft tissue – the pulp.

Correct way of brushing teeth

To protect our teeth we should clean our teeth with care. Therefore we have to brush our teeth regularly. Brushing teeth is the most widely used mechanical means of personal plaque control in the world. The interval between tooth cleaning sessions should not be less than 12 hours and not more than 48 hours depending on prevalence of gingival conditions and individual susceptibility to periodontal disease.

We brush our teeth upward and downward not forward and backward. The person should brush until all the surfaces are cleaned. According to current opinion of dentists, use of soft textured or medium texture bristle, nylon multi-tufted toothbrush with soft head are useful and beneficial.

If we do not clean our teeth regularly several kinds of diseases can attack our oral cavity. These are periodontal diseases, dental caries, gingivitis, oral mucosal leisons etc.
Tooth brushing have following methods, these are vertical, horizontal, roll technique, vibrating technique, circular technique, physiological technique, and scrub technique

Objectives of brushing teeth

Objectives of tooth brushing are to clean teeth and interdentally spaces and to prevent plaque formation, to remove plaque, to stimulate and massage gingival tissues and to clean the tongue. To lead a healthy life we need healthy tooth because it is one of the most significant parts of our whole body. So we should brush our teeth regularly and properly.

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