There are countless articles out there on the web about how to keep your teeth whiter, how to keep them looking healthier, how to avoid tooth decay etc. All of these articles can help you over time to ensure that your teeth look better as well as being technically healthier, but it’s rather long winded sifting through all the things you need to do to keep them looking great. Here then we will look at some of the best tips from all these different articles to give you a quick run- down of how to keep your teeth looking generally excellent.

Tips For better Looking Teeth

Brush Gently:

You might think that brushing harder and longer would be the best way to get your teeth to look whiter and healthier. However this is a common mistake as brushing too hard won’t only remove your plaque but also your enamel that normally protects your teeth from decay and plaque. In short, brushing too hard does more harm than good and it’s very important to avoid this. So brush for a long tie and use a good toothpaste, but at the same time try not to brush too forcefully because that’s bad news.


Whitening your teeth is a good idea, but you need again to do this the right way if you want to do good rather than harm. This means going to the dentist and having your teeth whitened professionally, not using those home teeth bleaching kits which once again might not do any favors for your enamel.

Drink Lots of Water:

Of all the exciting different products and purchases that you can use to whiten your teeth, it’s good old water that is arguably one of the best. This will not only help you to of course wash your teeth initially by rinsing away the residual food in your mouth, but it will also allow you to produce more saliva which is made mostly of water you get in your diet. This then in turn will allow you to not only wash your teeth regularly, but also to combat and destroy bacteria which is responsible for damaging your teeth.

Eat Less Sugar:

Sugar is food for the bacteria as well as for yourself. In other words, every time you eat a few chocolates you are creating a little buffet in your mouth for bacteria so it’s no wonder you end up with plaque.

Avoid Things That Stain:

Anything that stains your teeth is of course bad news and can be bad news on a more immediate basis than sugary foods. If you drink tea for instance then this can result in your having yellowish and otherwise off color teeth which can look very unappealing. Likewise if you smoke this can do even more damage.

Know Your Cosmetic Options:

There are many different cosmetic dentistry options, but it can be tricky to find the right one. You may think that there’s little a dentist can do for you anymore, and you might write your teeth off, however often this just means you haven’t yet stumbled upon the best cosmetic dentistry option. For instance something like veneers – which simply means attaching new facades to the front of your teeth – is completely non-invasive and can cover up any kind of tooth damage.

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