For reducing stress, increasing stamina and strength there is one thing that you can do at your home and that is yoga. Yoga is a Sanskrit word. Yoga means “union”. It is now practised in many countries of the world. Many people are benefited by the yoga. At first yoga was practised only in India. About 5000 years ago people of India started this excellent practise which helps the development of mind, body and spirit. Practitioners of yoga say that it can give all types discipline needed for flexibility, physical and mental benefits. The relaxation yoga can give the peace of mind. And make the practitioner calm and tranquil.

The base of yoga is dependent on two things “pranayama” which means deep rhythmic breathing and “asanas” or physical postures.

Pranayama actually helps to make the breathing system calm which in turns helps to relax our body and mind. It is very helpful in the treatment of asthma. By this deep slow breathing we can get ample amount of oxygen in our bloods as well as muscles. According to yoga practitioners pranayama can make our core stronger.

Asanas can be helpful to tone the muscles. Different asanas can give benefits to different parts of the body. The entire skeleton gets a lot of energy.

Some specific postures can give massage to the internal organs. For example kidneys can get strength from the abdominal twits.

Digestive processes can be stimulated by the forward bends.

For skin toning and for boosting the blood circulation inverted postures are very useful.

These days we see some new forms of yoga practised in USA. These are naked yoga, chair yoga and even hip-hop yoga.

Yoga is beneficial for the people of all ages.

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