The significance and overwhelming benefits of sleeping cannot be described in some simple words or sentences. From the very ancient time it was a matter of great mystery that how we sleep? Why we sleep? Who makes us to sleep?

What is known as sleep?

What is sleep? Why we feel sleepy? Why we don’t feel sleepy? These are the topics of research for many scientists. And researches are being done by the scientists from different parts of the world. The scientific explanation of the sleep is likely to be this:
Sleep is state which lies between the conscious and subconscious state of the mind when the natural physical activities are done in a very relaxed way but mental activities are almost stopped.
So the opposite of the wakefulness is the term sleep. For mass people like us sleeping is the fuel of life.

Why we feel asleep?

In our brain we have a switch which can be denoted as sleep switch. This switch controls sleep. We have neurons and these neurons bears the chemical signal of sleep to the part of the brain just behind hypothalamus. Hypothalamus is one of the most important parts of our brain.  If this signal passes through an opposite way then happens the thing opposite to sleep i.e. we wake up.

The parts we have to keep fit for a sound sleep

Eye: There is a part of eye called Retina. It bears the news of different lighting condition in different parts of the day by the assistance of optical nerve. The SCN of hypothalamus help us to wake up and to sleep. So for a healthy vision we must have a great care for our eyes. We must rinse your eyes at morning after waking up. Always keep some soft napkins or tissue papers to clean your eyes properly. Try to give splash of clean and cool water in your eyes to keep the eyes clean and fresh.

Pineal gland: In this part of the brain, a hormone named Melatonin is present. It helps induce sleep.

Pituitary gland: This gland supplies hormone for analyzing protein and repairs tissues.

Benefits of Sleep in Regard to Fitness

There are a lot of benefits of sleeping to keep our body fit. By sleeping properly we can get the zeal to work hard. We can concentrate again to our works. By sleeping at least 6 hours a day we can become healthier than ever. It decreases our anxiety and depression disorders. We feel very good after having a sound sleep overnight.

By sleeping well we can have a healthier and happier marital life. It is very much important to have a sound sleep for a nice marital life.

For a nice and healthy skin you must a have a nice sleep regularly. If sleep is not proper then there is a very good chance of forming dark circles around the eyes. If we don’t sleep enough stresses can develop and can damage the beauty of our skin. By not sleeping well we lose the supply of oxygen to our blood and it makes our skin look old, full of wrinkles and age marks.

Pregnant women should have enough sleep for the sake of her baby. Many women cannot sleep due to the psychological changes due to motherhood. But for them sleeping is very much necessary.

For keeping a handsome lifestyle there is no alternative of having a nice sleep.

For making yourself brilliant and attentive in the class it is necessary to have sound sleep at night. Overall fitness vastly depends on enough sleeping. So try to realize the significance of sleep for the betterment of your health.

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