People always ask how to have a flat stomach? Many people are there who have a slim body but a fat stomach. It looks very odd. And people want to abnegate this fat. And if you are determined to lose belly fat then you will definitely succeed. We can use excellent diet, good and effective exercises with healthy life style. These techniques will make you fit for 24 hours and give you a nice body. To reduce belly fat we have to follow some simple rules which are not hard to do but very effective. At first we will discuss about the diets that will help us to lose belly fat. We will let you know foods to eat to lose belly fat. Then we will discuss about some cardio and exercises. We have to keep in mind that any kind of cardio/aerobics can help you reducing fats all over from your body.

I am discussing some of the most important factors that can help reducing belly fat.

Ways to get a flat stomach – a list of foods that burn belly fat

Overweight or obesity is the result of bad diet. And these bad diets can cause you a huge tummy. Yes the stomach is very good at storing fats. So you have to give up poor food habit to reduce belly. So you have to eat sensibly and eat those foods which will keep you full. You will not get hungry. These foods will give you energy, fibers and keep you fit. These foods are one of the great ways of controlling hunger. These foods will help you to burn our excess belly fat. A good diet will also save you from the attack of mid-morning snack. Now you will know what foods burn belly fat.

There are lots of foods that decrease belly fat. For instance you can take:

Oats: These are great for burning belly fats. It will take care of your blood sugar. It is full of selenium which will increase your immunity. Oat meal is great for breakfast. A small bowl of oats in the morning can keep you full for a long time. It is a great food to burn belly fat.

Berries: When you are trying to burn fat around your abdomen you can take the help of berries. These are full of fibers. Use berries in your oat meal in the breakfast. Use the benefit of berries in burning excess belly fat.

Nuts: If you want to reduce belly fat off your midriff try the nuts. These help you get a flatter stomach. If you want to know how to get a flat tummy fast then should replace some of carbs intake by nuts. These also help you keep yourself away from hunger.

Soup and salads: You should make your salads by cucumber, tomatoes, onions, spring onion leaves, avocado and mushrooms. These are great diet foods for burning belly fat. The vegetables are very good for health. These keeps you fit give you essential vitamins and minerals.  Vegetable salads and soups are great fat burning foods. Soups and salads are easy to prepare and have many health benefits.

Broccoli: It is full of vitamin A, calcium and fibers. The iron content is broccoli is also very important. These help to increase metabolism and also burns fat. You can lessen the chance of heart disease and breast cancer by having a broccoli rich diet.

Skim milk: It will give you a lot of calcium. These will also help you in burning unwanted calories. Skim milks and dairy products are very much good for health.

Fishes: These are full of easily digestible proteins and Omega – 3 fatty acids. These are very good in increasing metabolism and thus they help in burning belly fat.

Chicken: These are also easily digestible and meat is white meat. You all know that white meat is good for fat. Skinless chicken meat is very good for diet. These meats also give you essential elements to form red blood cells.

Green tea: This tea is full of antioxidants. Very good for heart. Dispelling the free radicals from the body is easy by the application of green tea. Green tea also helps in losing weight and also the bad cholesterol.

Edamame: These are lightly boiled and salted soybeans. They give you vitamin C, A and fibers. These are free from saturated fats.

Olive oil: Use olive oils in your salad and also for cooking. This oil help you controlling hunger. Easily digestible fat is another great feature of this. Helpful in reducing cholesterol level.

Workouts and best exercises to lose belly fat

  • Without going to gymnasium we can reduce belly fat. By doing jogging or aerobics you can get desired results. Just do jogging 30 minutes a day and you will get results within 3 months. This is great for toning your abdomen.
  • It is a matter of great surprise that strength training not only helps to build muscles but also helps to get rid of belly fats. So do some strength training.
  • Simple exercises like crunches, reverse crunches and V ups can help to reduce belly fat greatly.
  • Watch these videos to learn crunches and reverse crunches.  It is to be mentioned that V ups are bit difficult, but you will get there by trying it regularly.
  • Do some swimming, cycling, hiking when you get time.
  • Yoga is very important and helps you to lead a healthy and happy life both physically and mentally. Yoga not only helps to reduce belly fat but also helps your metabolism. So try to do some yoga stretching for reducing belly fat. So use yoga to reduce belly fat.
  • Plan some work outs if you have consumed more that 1800 calories a day. Any muscle building exercise will do. Try to do some workout.
  • Eat sensibly. More protein less fat and less carbohydrate diet can be applied. The foods are already mentioned above.
  • If you want to go to gym to reduce fat then at first change your eating habits.
  • Make your tummy full with fruits. Avoid with oily or fatty foods .
  • Try to take your belly inside while inhaling and keep the breath for 5-10 seconds and then release. Do this for 15-20 times a day and you will be benefited for sure.
  • Try a keep a day for doing only abdominal exercises. Do at least one hour exercises for belly on that day.
Now with this foods, diets and exercises you can have a nice and toned abs for sure. Now you know how to get a flat tummy.

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