The scientific name of the papaya plant is herbaceous perennial. Actually it is not a tree. It is an overgrown herb grows mainly in tropical climate. The fruit of papaya has a strong and sturdy skin. It has color varying from green to orange. The fruit is orange in color having a number of black seeds. It has heavenly flavor along with great taste. This fruit is a source of goodness and ensures healthy eating. The papaya has the ability to act as palate cleanser and an appetizer. It can be taken as a desert. So papaya is a versatile food having a nutrition and therapeutic storehouse.

Why Papaya is So Good?

Papaya protects our health by providing digestion efficiency and also specific potency. The papaya is useful in both forms unripe and ripped. The sweet taste makes it as a tonic against weakness or tiredness. Papaya is great source of folates, potassium, Vitamin C, E and A. It has a low calories and sodium which makes it very good high BP patients. A little amount of riboflavin, niacin and calcium makes it a complete food. It is rich in Vitamin A and very much laxative which makes it a great remedy for constipation. Papaya juice and salads are delectable and very much useful against untimely ageing. Its juice relieves the weakness after illness.

Therapeutic Uses

The skin, flesh and seeds of papaya all can be used in therapeutic work. Papaya has that enzyme named papain which is very much useful in digestive system. It is very much useful in the digestion of proteins (It is also used in industrial production of chewing gum).The cleaning of digestive track is one of the most important property of papain. People who are eager to lose weight can take papayas as a passive weight loss technique as it increases the metabolism.

The nematicidal property of the papaya root juice is very much useful in the production of pesticides. The white milky juice produced in the unripe papaya is also used in this regard.

The processed papaya seeds can be used as a great source of protein, carbohydrate, fatty oil etc. It has the chemical component glycoside carposide and myrosin.

Papaya has a wide range of medicinal properties which involves antiseptic, anti inflammatory, antihypertensive, anti-hyperlipidemic, anti-diabetic and also contraceptive activity.

It reduces the continuous production of gas and heals the gut walls. The papaya leaves are very much useful in Osteoarthritis.

The papain injection can be used to dissolve ruptured disc. The papaya can be a great remedy for the ringworm and roundworm. The papaya seeds can be made powder and can be used in the treatment of round worm.

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