According to specialists controlling hunger is not a hard task. So follow the following suggestions for controlling hunger –

Protein should be included in breakfast:

If protein is included in breakfast then almost 267 calories are less eaten daily. The specialists of Saint Louis University applied some tests on some fat women. They included protein in their breakfast. The amount of protein was doubled. They gave two eggs and two slices of bread with jam. Research ended with a result showing that – at the end of the day they were less hungry and calorie consumption was also reduced.

Tempting foods should be out of reach:

Brian Wansink professor of Cornell University said that he keeps his favorite drink soda in a fridge which is situated in an underground room of his house. So it is difficult for him to get the soda from that room each time. Naturally it reduced his soda consumption and increases the frequency of drinking water.

Have a deep sleep

Try to sleep for 8 hours daily. While sleeping there is a great up and down in the hormone rate. And this phenomenon has a great influence on hunger.

Enjoy something else than food:

Scientists have conducted researches on people who like to eat different types of foods. By scanning their brain it was found that a pleasant smell gives the feeling of eating fatty foods! So when you are feeling hungry try to use the fragrance of something else that can give you equivalent feeling.

Plate full of foods should be out of site

If a plate full of foods is in front of you then the chances of eating much will definitely increase. So there is a tips – when you are at restaurant, tell the waiter to serve half the food that are ordered. The other half can be taken home in a packet. The packed food can be eaten later when you are hungry. Sometimes restaurants serve more food than you want as a business strategy.

Eat in a place where enough light is available

It is seen that if you are eating in a restaurant having ample lighting, you will definitely eat less. The restaurants where lights are dimmed will help you to eat more. That is why we saw many restaurants creating a dark environment. It is also a business strategy.

Try to talk when you are eating

Try to eat with your friends who love to talk. So talk and eat. You will get more time to eat. After sometimes you will see that your partners have done their eating but there is still some food on your plate. This will help you to leave the plate. It is helpful in eating less.

Eat by sitting, use all sorts of instruments

Eat breakfast by sitting. Use plates, knives and forks for eating. You will eat less. Even you will consume fewer calories on lunch and supper as a result of having breakfast in the above mentioned manner.

Start your meal with soup

Start your lunch with vegetable soup of 130 calories. This will help to reduce 20% of the daily calorie consumption.

Don’t take packed food with variety of items

Avoid packet lunch with assorted foods. If you have cookies, chocolates, candies, chips and cheese, you will be tempted to take the flavor of each. Wansink said the influence of variation is intense. When 7 colors are used instead of 10 colors then obviously food consumption will be reduced.

Try to follow these hunger controlling techniques. These will help you to have a healthy body with healthy mind. You will feel better. You will experience the effective weight loss. So, Good luck.

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