Garlic is an Allium type vegetable. It is a used largely in different countries for seasoning. Besides this it has great health benefits. It is a splendid herbal medicine and works as a remedy for many diseases. Garlic is very effective in killing microbes. They are very much useful in eliminating them from the body also. And to our surprise! Garlic may have the potentials to protect our bodies from lung, stomach and bladder cancer. It is also proved that garlic can reduce blood pressure. It can definitely minimize some bad cholesterol. And the most important thing is that , it can be used as a natural antibiotic.

Lowering the blood pressure

After experimenting for a number of times it was found that garlic can reduce both the systolic and diastolic pressure to some extent. So we can take some garlic to control our blood pressure. Under the supervision of an expert physician we can have the perfect dose of garlic consumption.

Minimizing bad cholesterol

In the management of cholesterol garlic can play a great role. As it is found in the environment naturally, it is very much free from side effect. Garlic is very much likely to have the potential to control the cholesterol. High cholesterol level can cause serious implications on the cardiovascular system. It can cause the atherosclerosis. The building up of cholesterol can clog the arteries. And garlic having the quality of an anti-oxidant can help the prevention of LDLs (bad cholesterols) being oxidized.

Garlic as a natural antibiotic

Garlic is used as a natural antibiotic from ancient times. It is one the most important medicinal benefits f garlic. It is excellent in killing some bacteria where other antibiotics proved unsuccessful. So in some cases garlic can take place of pharmaceutical antibiotics. Whether applied topically or internally garlic has excellent effect on the microbes. From the research of Doctor Brian clement (Director of Hippocrates Health Institute) it was seen that garlic has the potency to kill microbes and spirochetes as it contains antibiotics and antimicrobial qualities. It is to be kept in mind that cooked garlic does not possess that property of an antibiotic as its allicin is neutralized. So use raw garlic for this purpose.

Prevention of infections by garlic

It was proved that garlic has the allicin which acts as an antibiotic but it is also true that garlic can act as a great germ killer. Garlic is proven more powerful germ killer than penicillin or tetracycline. It is great germ fighter which can prevent the tuberculosis, staph, diarrhea, pneumonia, sepsis and typhoid, botulism, dysentery. It also contains some useful minerals which are useful against viral attacks.

Antioxidant producer

Garlic offers a great amount of antioxidant. That is why it acts as the best herbal preventive against LDLs. Now a day a lot is being talked about aged and black garlic. It is found that black garlic is a great source of antioxidants. The presence of antioxidants in garlic can reduce the bad effect of nicotine. It can also produce a superb effect against untimely aging.

Prevention of strokes, heart attacks thromboses

The strokes or heart attacks occur when the smooth flowing of blood is being impeded. The stroke is phenomenon which occurs due to the clogging of blood on the arteries or veins. That is how the blood pressure increases and blood clots are formed. These things can lead us to stroke or heart attacks. To stop the blood being clotted garlic can play a vital role. Garlic can reduce the thickness o the blood which ensures the smooth running of blood through the veins and arteries. Actually the clotting of the blood is known as the thromboses. So a balanced diet containing some garlic is superb against thromboses. Journal of hypertension also published that garlic supplements reduced the risk of strokes by 30-40%.

Prevention of cancer by garlic

From Paul Pitchford’s Healing with Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition we come to know that garlic can be a great source of anti cancer bioflavonoid quercetin. So garlic can be used in the treatment of cancer. Garlic is also found very useful against leukemia. The risk of colon, stomach and pancreatic cancers can be minimized to a great extent by the perfect dose of garlic. Many clinical trials also proved that garlic can reduce the risk of cancer. The antibacterial properties of garlic may be the leading factor of preventing cancers. Actually it may enhance DNA repair or reduce cell proliferation. Thus garlic prevents the cancer producing substances.

HIV/AIDS treatment with garlic

HIV viruses destroy the immune system. From many researches it is found that garlic may be helpful to slow down the spread of HIV. Garlic can combat some of the HIV AIDS related infections. It is hoped that garlic may play a good role in prolonging the life of HIV AIDS patients. Garlic actually activates the most powerful cells in the immune system. Natural killer cells, the Cytotoxic T-cells, the phagocytes, and the lymphocytes are the protective cells in the immune system. Garlic activates them very effectively. And thus it can reduce the speed of the HIV infection.

Side effects

Garlic can really give you bad breath. Do not take overdose it. Stomach can experience some problems if excessive raw garlic is taken. People having stomach problems shouldn’t take garlic. Sometimes after being on the table of operation it was seen that the people who took garlic may face the problem of bleeding. And it will be good if we avoid the use of garlic directly to our skin. Again garlic is possible safe at the time of pregnancy. But overdose of garlic may make it unsafe.

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