Migraine comes with most dangerous and intense headache. Sometimes it is very much hard to cope with migraine pain. It is the severe pain which can cause you to feel like your skull is splitting. A little noise can bang into your ears like drums. It seems that your brain is being smashed. Actually migraine is more common in women. It can last for more than 2 days. So if you have intense headache often then you should diagnose to confirm whether you have migraine or not.

Migraine symptoms

Mainly migraine attacks are associated with headaches.

  1. Mainly migraine headaches involve one temple. It is too much intense pain. The pain may be in the forehead or in the back of the head. The pain can be spread around the eyes.
  2. Mainly the pain occurs only in the one side of the head (unilateral). But it can also spread on both sides (bilateral).
  3. The pain can be felt from one side to another. But if the unilateral pain occurs again and again then the doctors should be alerted about the patients as it can cause brain tumor.
  4. When you are walking upstairs and feeling the pain, this may be migraine.
  5. High sensitivity to lights and sound is one of the symptoms of migraine.
  6. Headache with vomiting is one of the most common symptoms of migraine.
  7. It is seen from the studies that when migraine attacks take place the sufferer prefer to be in a quiet and dark room.
  8. The time period of attack may be too long (about 3 days).
  9. Majority of the migraine attacks gives some warning such as having sleepiness, feeling irritated, and feeling exhausted etc.
  10. Depressive disorders are one of the most common symptoms. It has been seen that the people suffering from migraine remain depressed or frustrated. They may also suffer from some anxiety disorder.
  11. Most of the time migraine patients feel too much tired. They have to inhale by opening mouth wide.
  12. A great amount of migraine patients have headaches associated with an aura. They sometimes see colored lights in different forms (mostly zigzag lights known as fortification spectra) and they also experience a hole in the visual field known as blind spot.
  13. Patients may suffer from hallucination. They may experience unusual smells and tastes. Sometimes patients may feel the pinching of pins and needles in their heads or arms.
  14. If a patient is suffering from migraine pain for more than 24 hours then he / she may taken to the hospital as early as possible.

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