Libido is nothing but sex drive. Libido is Freudian term for expressing sexual urge. It is a very important thing for both men and women. According to Freudian psychoanalysis it is instinctual and biological drives along with psychic and emotional power. Today we will discuss about the manifest of sexual drive associated with women. Standard amount of libido is very much essential for both sexes. To keep the ample amount of libido in action, adequate testosterone and dopamine is a must. So in women there me some disorders which imbalances the mentioned hormones and as a result they suffer from low libido problems. Several thousand women in Britain are suffering from deficiency of libido. Yes this is true, these stats are found from different clinics of Britain. The relationship between husband and wife deteriorates because of the low sexual desire of wife or husband. The desire for sex varies enormously from person to person. Not only biological but also psychological and social elements are responsible for different sex drive. There are several reasons for reducing libido in women. Every woman should know these reasons to take necessary precautions. In different clinics a lot of women express their feelings about loss of libido. They want some cure. And they always ask “All my sex drive is gone, how can I get it back?” In this article I will discuss about all the major causes of lower libido. After that we will try to find some solutions which will be really effective.

Causes of low sexual desire (low libido) in women:

Every disorder has some physical and emotional impacts. The low libido problem in women has many reasons. I will try to mark the most important and major reasons for it. Actually in a woman’s life span, she has to pass numerous significant stages. These stages sometimes cause physical changes and sometimes psychological changes. We will try to discuss all the reasons.

Anemia or Deficiency of red blood cells

Anemia is a condition in which there is a deficiency of red cells or hemoglobin in the blood. It can create pallor and weariness. But most importantly it can cause the reduction of libido level in women. It is very common for women to be affected by anemia. There may be excessive blood flow in the time of period. This type of anemia is known as hemorrhagic anemia. Anemia can cause by other means also. There are 400 types of anemia.

  • Loss of blood is the cause of anemia.
  • The production of adulterated red blood cell is another reason.
  • The annihilation of red blood cells

Menstruation and at the time of childbirth women may loss huge amount of blood cells. This can cause her anemia. Use of anti-inflammatory drugs indirectly causes the blood loss by creating gastric and ulcers. Loss of red blood cell means reduction of oxygen in blood. So try to take necessary steps to stop anemia.

Childbirth can cause low libido in women

At the time of pregnancy and childbirth woman undergoes some sever changes. It is a time when women can lose huge amount of blood. After the childbirth there may be some tremendous changes. At this time your uterus may start to shrink to stop the excessive bleeding. It will occur to take your uterus to pre- pregnancy state. Also the mother has to look after the baby. It is a time you can suffer from lack of libido.

Diminished blood flow in vagina and uterus

Low blood flow in vagina can cause the thinning and drying of vagina. Proper lubrication can be hampered by loss blood flow. Less blood flow can cause the lacking of libido in women. 30% to 50% women from different parts of the world suffer from blood vessel diseases. These diseases can cause female sexual dysfunction.

Heavy alcohol consumption

Alcohol has a great effect on sexual physiology. It affects the sexual activities a great deal. What do you know about alcohol? Do you know that alcohol is a depressant! Heavy consumption of alcohol can cause the dysfunction of woman sexual activities. It is seen that alcohol increases the level of estradiol and testosterone. It sometimes increases libido. But most of the cases it is a sexual ‘disinhibitor’.

Vaginal annoyance, pain, ache and irritation

There are vaginal discomfitures that can lead to suffer from lack of libido. You can feel vaginal discomfort without any visible reasons in the genital area. If you have pain in vagina then having sex can make it worse. There may be vaginal pain and irritation at the time of period. If vaginal dryness occurs due to low levels of oestrogen then it will sure decrease libido. If a woman has vaginal discomfort she will be automatically dragged away from sexual desire.

Depression disorders, Stress, anxiety fatigue

Well, all the mental disorders are related with each other. Depression will cause you to take antidepressants. These medicines harm the libido. Stress, tension and fatigue on the other hand take you away from your sexual life. These are very common in women. A considerable loss of libido is found in the patients suffering obsessive compulsive disorder.



In the previous point we discussed about the antidepressant. There are some other medicines which also decreases the libido. High blood pressure medicines, neuro medicines can harm libido. If you are taking oral contraceptives for a long period you will suffer from loss of libido.

Cardiovascular diseases:

Women must take care of their hearts. Cardiovascular disease is more vulnerable for women than breast cancer.


Decreased libido may be the result of obesity, hypertension, diabetes and heart diseases.

Premenopause and Menopause:

For many women menopause can be a libido reducer. But it also makes them free from periods and possibility of getting pregnant. So I will advise you to get the physical advantage of menopause and forget the psychological disadvantage. In the premenopause women suffer from hormonal imbalance and they can feel a lower sex drive.

Hormonal imbalance:

Hormonal disorder is the main cause Lower libido in women. For example testosterone is the hormone which helps to keep the libido level normal. Testosterone has a vanguard named progesterone. Progesterone indicates the outcome of testosterone. These are the sex hormones. And if you are in chronic stress these sex hormones will be converted to stress hormones very frequently. That’s how hormonal imbalance occurs and you lose your sex drive.

Solutions of low libido:

Follow these solutions for libido problems. Hope you will get some results.

Effective Foods to increase libido:

Female libido depends upon testosterone. There are some foods which will help you increased libido. Here is list of foods which will improve your testosterone level and increase sex drive:

  • Asparagus – Full of vitamin E. which is good for testosterone production. Full of vitamin B6, thiamin, fiber and folic acid.
  • Avocado – It’s full of vitamin B6 helps to improve female thyroid gland.
  • Banana – full of B vitamins and potassium, iron.
  • Basil – Increases sex drive a great deal.
  • Almonds – it is the symbol of fertility in different countries of the world.
  • Soy products – These Soy products improves the sexual hormone for women. They increase estrogen.

Avoid alcohol and drugs

Alcohol will make you deprived of power or sensation for sex. So avoid these detrimental things. I have discussed about drugs which are harmful for libido in the causes. So try to avoid anti-depressants and addictive medicines.

Use of common drugs

In the market you will find many drugs for the treatment of libido. You can use those by taking advice from your physician. Always visit a physician don’t take any drug without the prescription of the doctor because it can cause adverse effect. Different medicines for men and women are available.

Herbal drugs

Practitioners are very much eager to prescribe herbal medicines for the lower sex drive problem. Many practitioners only deal with herbalism. You can get proper advice from them. Most of the times, these drugs are without any negative side effects.

Eliminate the vaginal irritation

If you have irritation problems in vagina you should take necessary steps as early as possible. If you live without treating this problems your sex life will be ruined. So take necessary treatments. You can use vaginal irritation creams and other products by consulting with your physician. Again I am saying; please don’t use any medicine without a prescription from a reputed doctor.


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Get rid of stress, tension and fatigue

Pressure, fatigue, stress and tension all are the game of hormonal imbalance. So try to take some psychological support from a psychotherapist if psychosexual adviser.


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Taking hormones

Testosterone level can be improved taking this hormone. It increases the red blood cells and supplies more oxygen to the system. It increases the performance. Significant increase in the sex drive is seen with a good level of testosterone.

Sharing with your partner

Remove your difficulties by sharing with your partner or husband. It is a great way to remove tension and stress. By deep sharing with your male partner will make him understand the problems you are facing. You will get more mental support. This psychological advantage will boost your sex drive. You will see significant improvement in your overall health condition.

Regular diagnosis

You should be under regular diagnosis. As a woman you have to face various difficulties throughout your life. And there will be some imbalance in your hormones. You cannot tell when you will fall victim of diseases. So perform your whole body diagnosis in regular interval. And also look for the symptoms. Read the causes of libido problems. Are you facing this problems? If yes, then visit a physician as early as possible.

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