Low sex drive in women is very common problem these days. What do you mean by sex drive? Sex drive is a person’s urge to seek satisfaction of their sexual needs.

From the statistics of The American Medical Association we learn that about seven million women in USA are suffering from ‘female sexual arousal disorder’. It is too much depressing news. It is depressing news because sex is one of the most important physical functions which ensure the smooth running of our overall system. If you don’t have the necessary sex drive you will lose your vitality for sure.

It is known to us that a woman’s sexual desire or libido fluctuates with the age. Major changes in life over the years can lower the sex drive in women. A woman undergoes significant changes in her life span. She has some vital life stages like pregnancy, menopause etc. which can cause her low sex drive. A woman may have frustrations, bad past and anti-seizure medications or hypoactive sexual desire disorder. These are very common causes of lack of sex interest in women.

It is seen that whenever a woman passes the important physical and emotional changes there is some hormonal imbalances. These imbalances cause several problems in a woman’s body. Deficiency in sexual desire in women is not rare, so don’t get too much worried. There are certain effective treatments, medication and psychosexual advices for you that will help you to fight the lack of sex drive.

Causes of low sex drive in women:

Female sexual dysfunction can annihilate the conjugal life. Women have to know the actual causes of low sex drive. There may be some physical and some psychological reasons which are responsible for your low sex drive. Now I will discuss the reasons of low sex drive:

Less blood flow in vagina and uterus:

Less blood flow to vulvar or vaginal tissues can weaken the muscle involved in orgasm. Because of this there may be significant decrease in libido. Poor blood flow in vagina can affect a woman’s engagement in sexual intercourse. From various studies it is seen that 30-50% women are suffering blood vessel disease. These diseases are main culprit for lowering women’s sex drive.


Pregnancy is the most important part of woman’s life. After giving birth many women suffer from some mental disorders which can affect their sexual desire. Well, childbirth is a very valid excuse for women. After a child has been born it needs her mother. So women have to give her child time and also have to breastfeed. Breastfeeding will make the mother tired and she will prefer sleeping than having sex with her husband.


If a woman has the addiction in alcohol then it will be difficult for her to retain her sexual health. From studies it is seen that heavy consumption of alcohol numbs the sexual desire of every person.


In this conditions blood has lower number of red cells than usual. Deficiency of hemoglobin can cause anemia. Hemoglobin is the iron-rich substance which is responsible for bloods red color. In Anemia your body suffers from the scarcity of oxygen. Long lasting anemia can damage your organs. And it is one of the great reasons for lower libido in women. Hemorrhagic anemia is caused by abnormal flow of blood while period. This can be a great cause for reduction of libido in women.


If you are suffering from stress, anxiety and frustration you may have to take the help of antidepressants. These types of medicines are very much harmful for libido. So try not to take these drugs for a long period of time. High blood pressure medicines and oral contraceptives can harm your sex drive a great deal. Anti-seizure medications can also cause problems.

Hormone deficiency:

Many women suffer from hormonal deficiency. This leads woman to problems of memory, insomnia, headaches and loss of sex drive. In one stage of life every woman suffer from hormonal imbalance causing the atrophy of vagina, urethra, labia and clitoris.

Vaginal discomfort:

Women can have vaginal discomforts like dryness, itchiness, atrophy etc. This can cause the lowering of libido. Vaginal discomfort is one of the main reasons of reduced sex desire.

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Hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD):

This disorder can be described in easy words. It means you don’t have any sexual desire or interest. So if you have no interest in sexual activity may be you are suffering from HSDD. Don’t take these symptoms easily. Be careful.

Tension, Stress etc.:

As a woman if you are suffering from stress and anxiety how could you be interested in sex. Well, stress is the game of hormones. Pressure is also the imbalance of hormones. These things can largely affect your sex life.


Victim of sexual abuse:

Many women experience the sexual abuse in their life. These things can create a great negligence about sexual life. It is one most remarkable psychological causes for diminished sex drive.

Solutions for low sex drive in women:

Avoid bad practice:

Yes, if you want your sexual life to be normal you have to

  • Avoid alcohol.
  • Avoid addictive drugs.
  • Avoid illegal objects.

If you are able to break these bad habits you will get a great result. There will be a rise in your libido level. You will live a healthy and better life.

Identification and analysis of your disease:

Diagnosis is too much necessary for a woman. I have discussed some causes of the libido reduction. Did you find any similarities with these? If the answer is affirmative, please visit your practitioner. If the answer is a ‘No’ then try to maintain a routine checkup. And whenever you find a chance to talk about your problems don’t hesitate to discuss it with your physician.

Conventional medicine:

At first talk to your physician and ask him to prescribe the perfect medicine for you. It is good news for women that treatment of lower libido is much easier for them. It’s not like the treatment of men. There are many effective medicines in the market. There are many practitioners who are working with herbal medicines. These are also very effective.

Herbal treatment

Herbalism is practiced by many physicians in this modern world. You will find many herbal medicines which are without any side effects. So if you want a side effect free treatment you can switch to herbal medication for a good libido level.

Get rid of vaginal discomfort

Get rid of itching and burning by proper medication. Try to keep yourself free from yeast infection. These will definitely help you to enhance the sex drive. Dryness and thinning of vagina is another problem. Take necessary steps if you observe these symptoms because these things automatically decrease the libido and reduce sex drive.

Increase interaction with your partner for psychological support:

Effective discussion can build a good understanding. So increase intimacy with your partner. This will help you psychologically to get rid of this problem. Sometimes psychological support is the big support. Get involved in open discussion about your problems with your partner.

Try to live a tension free life

When you are tension your hormonal imbalance is on the rise. Be careful. If you live a tension free life you will get enough peace of mind to concentrate on other things. If you are suffering from work stress, family tensions you will suffer a lot. Use common sense and make your life good. If you are tensed about your job and involved only on these issues, how you will be able to concentrate to increase sexual desire? Make your conjugal life different from your regular stressed life. (I know it is difficult 🙁 )


These are some of my researched causes and solutions. Hope these will help you. If you feel this article has helped you a little I will also feel very good. Please let me know about your opinions and personal experience. If you have more knowledge please share with us by comments. You can share your problems with us by contact page also. You will try to give you advice about increasing sex drive.

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