Most effective way to lose weight is to control hunger. Eating a lot of healthy high-fiber foods can control your hunger. Generally fibers cannot be digested by human digestive system. That is why it remains in our stomach for a longer period. Our stomach remains full and we do not overeat. When a food is undergone processing, it loses almost all the fibers it contain. So white bread and boiled rice are not good for us. Instead we can take brown rice and whole grain bread. Sometimes it is seen that people are having the same amount of foods but they’re not gaining or losing same amount of weight. It’s because of the different amount of fibers in their diet. This is how fibers help to lose weight. When foods containing less fiber or very low fibers are taken, they tend to convert into blood sugar. It can definitely cause a spike in the insulin level.

Fiber is the part of plant-based foods that our bodies can’t digest. Mainly fibers are plant based products. These elements do not provide any vitamin or minerals to our body but yet they are very useful. Meat and dairy products are useful but they contain no fiber so these should be taken in a careful manner. Refined grains (white bread, rice etc.) have most of their fiber eliminated. Eat more whole grain and natural foods. Try to avoid processed foods. Some good examples of good fiber containing foods are fruits and vegetables, legumes, brown rice and whole grains.

Eating a regular breakfast full of fibers can help you to lose weight. According to the National Weight Control Registry, people who kept their weight in control are the regularity maintainer in breakfast. Eating a lot of fibers in your breakfast can help to keep you away from hunger and control your eating habit greatly.

Eating foods with plenty of fiber will help keep our blood sugar controlled. As it is seen that there is sudden rise in insulin level there must be a drop also. And this drop of insulin level makes us hungry. This hunger influences us to have foods containing more sugar. So it will be great to consume limited amount of fiber containing foods daily.

When having a lot of fibers it should be kept in mind that plenty of water should be drunk. Rapid consumption of fibers can cause diarrhea or can form gas.

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