Yoga is a Hindu spiritual and self discipline, a part of which, including full health control, simple but effective meditation and the relation of bodily postures, is widely practiced in the West for relaxation and fitness. On the other words Yoga is a philosophy that teaches you how to control your body and mind in the belief that you can become united with the spirit of the universe in this way.

Now what is Kundalini Yoga? Kundalini Yoga is a system of exercises for your body and for controlling your breathing, used by the people who want to become fitter or to relax. The origin of Kundalini is Sanskrit and literally it means ‘snake’. In the Yoga terms Kundalini Yoga is such kind of meditation which helps to release Kundalini energy. According to different Yogis Kundalini yoga is the latent female energy joined in the sequence of concentric lines (coiled) in the spine. Now you know why you should do Kundalini Yoga. It is for relaxation and getting energy. There are many gurus teaching this system to their students. And many of them got benefit from Basics of Yoga. Yoga is for – physical fitness, mental strength and inner peace and you must apply these methods in your daily life to lead a healthy and happy life.

Different types of Kundalini Yoga and their benefits

The benefits of Kundalini Yoga are huge. We will discuss about simple and excellent Kundalini yoga for you. These Yoga poses have some breathing patterns which help you get inside your mind and help your nervous system to work better. Let’s discuss about some of the important Kundalini Yoga postures. Try to do these Kundalini yoga trainings according to their serials. But at first start with the tune in mantra here from the video and then move forward.

Long slow deep breath

It is the primary or first breathing technique of this Yoga. In this yoga you have to keep a smooth breath that means you don’t hold the breath out or in. Always keep a straight spine to take enough air in your lungs.

This yoga emphasizes on the movement of the diaphragm. It allows you to expand your lungs. The benefit of this Yoga is manifold. It will give you whole relaxation in your body. It gives good physical benefits and helps in eliminations. Your spine remains in perfect position. It expands your ribcage. This prana that comes in with the breath gives tremendous energy. This is a problem solving breath as it influences the function of various glands.

Duration: Do this prana for 3-5 minutes.

Slow deep Left side breathing (moon side breathing)

This yoga stimulates the nerve. It also helps the brain hemisphere function. While doing this yoga think of the moon. Think that energy from the moon is influencing your whole body.

Duration: Do this prana for 3-5 minutes.

Slow deep right (Sun side breathing)

This Yoga energizes your body makes you enthusiastic and outgoing. This is sun side breathing. You have to think about sun while doing this Yoga. This yoga also helps in hemisphere shifts. It’s great for relaxation. This is one of the great Kundalini Yoga moves as it gives you rays of powerful light of sun which is full of energy and warmth.

Duration: 3-5 minutes.

Easy big fella (Inhale left exhale right):

It is combination breathing technique. This is easy big fella breath – and it’s like slowing down your stubborn pet like horse! Yes it is very effective in cooling down the big anxieties and stress.

Duration: Do this yoga pose for 3-5 minutes.

I’m ready; go for it (Inhale right exhale left):

This yoga posture helps you in developing the sense of self judgment. Don’t get surprised, it is true. It helps creating extra physical co-ordination.

Breath of fire (Power yoga):

This rapid diaphragmatic breath heats up the body, expands the lungs capacity and makes the blood circulation good. It is good survival technique because it gives tremendous energy in very short period of time. If you do 5 minutes of breath of fire daily you will get a lot of advantages – for example you will sleep better, get quick energy, get more focus on any subject and have your glands working perfectly.

Duration: Do Breath of fire at least 5 minutes daily


Breath fire – the best Kundalini Yoga process with video.

Alternate nostril breathing

This yoga is superb if you want some quick boost and energy. This yoga works well when associated with Breath of fire. After doing 5 minutes of Breath of fire do 3 minutes of Alternate Nostril Breathing followed by 2 minutes of breath of fire. This will give you the great Kundalini Yoga experience. It will clear your mind. Say you are very tired after working all day long and if you have to focus on another thing you can do these breathing techniques.

Duration: Do 3 minutes of Alternate nostril breathing and then 2 minutes of Breath of Fire.

Chill Out (Inhale tongue, exhale nose)

It is a cooling breath because it is mouth breath. Nose breaths are hot mouth breaths are cool. This will help you if you are feeling the heat; feeling exhausted and have sore throats. This will detoxify your body and accelerate the elimination. This will also help to eliminate your anger.

Duration: 3 minutes

A superb combination breath:

Now you should do a combined breathing which includes:

  • Breath of Fire – 7 minutes
  • Long slow deep breath – 5 minutes
  • Inhale mouth, exhale nose – 3 minutes and
  • Breath of Fire – 2 minutes.

Yes, there is a lot of breath of fire on the exercise. It is also very beneficial. Hope you will be able to understand the breathing techniques by watching the video. Please share your opinion by commenting.

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