If you are considering having your breasts surgically enhanced and are wondering if it is possible to have a safe breast enhancement surgery, rest assured, the answer is yes.

Breast enhancement surgery, generally, is a safe, common, and relatively straightforward procedure. Breast augmentation is the most commonly performed of the breast enhancement surgeries and it is probably the safest and easiest, too. Breast reductions and breast lifts are slightly more complicated, but generally just as safe as breast augmentation. Breast reconstruction surgery is the most complex of breast enhancement surgeries, but it, too, is relatively safe.

The surgical risks with all these surgeries are basically the same: infection, excessive bleeding or a bad reaction to anesthesia. Excessive bleeding is rare as are anesthetic reactions. Infection occurs with more frequency, but it is not usually introduced during the surgery itself. Instead, infection usually occurs after the operation perhaps as a result of a hospital stay or some contaminant outside the hospital. All these risks are slightly elevated for breast reconstruction surgery given the impaired condition of the patient due to cancer or cancer treatment and the necessity of performing a longer surgery possibly involving other parts of the body. Generally, however, the breast enhancement surgery itself, is a safe procedure.

Breast enhancement becomes a little less safe for women who have to have multiple procedures because they are repeatedly exposed to the risks of surgery. As well, the need for secondary surgeries can be a sign of other health issues that may complicate subsequent enhancement surgeries. Repeated surgery can weaken or damage the muscle and tissue in the area causing disfigurement or other health problems. This is why some women who have to have their breast implants removed choose not to have further enhancement.

The major safety concern that people have with breast enhancement surgery is cancer. None of the breast enhancement surgeries cause cancer. In fact, not even ruptured implants have been shown to have a causal link to cancer. Women with breast implants do seem to have a higher risk of contracting brain cancer, but the risk of anyone contracting brain cancer is so small as to be negligible. As well, research has only established a correlation with cancer, not a causal link. A small percentage of women who have had breast augmentation surgery develop autoimmune and rheumatological disorders. These problems seem to be linked to ruptured silicone implants only, and are not caused by the surgery itself.

Breast enhancement surgery is as safe as any other routine surgery. The major dangers you face are excessive bleeding, infection and reaction to anesthetic. However, these are the same major dangers you face with any other surgery. So if you’re considering breast enhancement surgery, do consider all the possible risks and complications, but there is no need to be scared for your safety. Breast enhancement surgery is safe.

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