Diet and depression

In our daily life, we all have problems with depression symptoms for many causes. These depressions are usually momentary, but at times it takes some more time to reduce depression symptoms. Nevertheless, if you find some ways by which you can set yourself totally free of depressive disorder, it would be great.

There are several approaches by which we can minimize depression. However, most people do not concentrate on anything for a long period as well as these types of depressive disorder decreasing methods. So to remove these kinds of depressive disorders we wish to have some easier methods. If the methods are easy then we will get more interest sticking on to it. And the easier method is a proper diet. If you have accurate food activities you can easily get relief from depressive disorder. There are a lot of examples of influences of food on our mental performance. In rich researches it is found that mental disorders like depression can be reduced by some potentially effective dietary methods. Recently it has been discovered that a Mediterranean dietary method works greatly against depression. Researches from the Mediterranean areas proved this phenomenon. Though you don’t have exact healthy eating plans you can follow some depression reducing diet for your own sake. Now we shall discuss about beating the depression with proper diet

Recovery by diet

  1. Sometimes people go through unhappiness because of not having a nice shaped figure. So to stop this despair we should consume wisely. So some wise eating habits and exercise can help.
  2. Sometimes one has to endure depression due to having malnutrition. So we should take nutrient full healthy food. So we must have planned diet and naturally good healthy foods.
  3. However to feel relaxed as well as free from any type of tension which could trigger our depressive disorders we should consider a few carbohydrates. However taking carbs to a great degree is not helpful to our health. Taking carbs will give benefits if it is chosen wisely. So carry sweets in a manner that can give you a lot of gain.
  4. Amino acids can a play a great role in creating enough durability and give strength. So by taking a balanced protein in our daily consumption we can get ourselves free from these depressive disorders. We need an Amino acid named Tryptophan which is converted to a neurotransmitter named serotonin. Serotonin is a compound which constricts the blood vessels and works as a neurotransmitter. Tryptophan is not produced in our body but we have to take it from our foods. And we have to maintain the serotonin in a happy level. That is why we have to take tryptophan rich foods. And these can be found in good harmless proteins like chicken, tuna, turkey etc.
  5. Change in eating habit can change the lifestyle . So why not change the lifestyle if it can bring happiness? So a proper dietary system is very much essential.
  6. Get a lot of veggies and fresh fruits regularly. We should take fruits having a lot of fibers. A lack of vitamin can cause several malfunctions in our antidepressants. For example folic acid can give us a great functionality for antidepressants. Vitamin B folate can help us to function our antidepressants well. So vegetables are necessary for our own sake.
  7. You can have some low fat dairy products. Low fat milk to an excellent degree can give you much better feelings regarding depression,
  8. Some minerals are very much useful in controlling depression. From research it is proved that a limited amount of selenium consumption can help us to feel happy. But Selenium has some adverse effects also. So we should be conscious about taking selenium. We have to take Selenium from the natural foods. So we must have to know about the foods containing selenium. It is recommended that the men should take 0.075mg and women should take 0.06mg of selenium daily. At one time the soil in which grains grow was naturally rich in Selenium and that’s why people at that time were much happier mentally. Now to increase the amount of selenium to a good extent the selenium based fertilizers can be used in to the soil. A recent study revealed that proper consumption of selenium can decrease negative thoughts of minds.
  9. It is matter of great joy that fishes can help us to remove mental unhappiness. Fish oil contains Omega 3 fatty acids which are very much useful against depression as these things helps to improve mental performance. Fish bones can give you essential Vitamin-D. The important elements we get from the fish oil can keep our heart healthy also.
  10. We all have works to be done and sometimes we feel that we are punishing our body and mind by the hectic schedule. Sometimes we have to consume a lot of fast foods on the work place to save our time and cannot take care of ourselves. These kinds of rule breaking can definitely lead us to depression. So diet is a big deal in controlling the mental performance.
  11. Consumption of whole grain, veggies, nuts, olive oil, and fishes can provide us with a great physical fitness. But it is matter of great surprise that the consumption of the above mentioned foods can lead us to a great mental mood also. These eating habits are almost like the Mediterranean eating habits. So, possessing a Mediterranean eating habit can control our mental health and keep it nice.
  12. Water is the other name of life. But many of us do not glug enough water. It is obvious that we should take at least one and half liters of water on daily basis. A little dehydration can affect our mood and can make us grumpy and depressed.

What should be avoided?

We have to avoid those things which give us relief from despair for a little period of time and give us the addiction.

We should avoid high consumption of caffeine. High amount of coffee and tea and fizzy drinks give us energy for a while but after sometimes it crashes the system.

Carbs should be taken wisely. Sweets sometimes give us calm and tranquil mind. Sometimes carbs also help us to sleep well at night. But these types of things such as artificial sweets can bring some adverse effects to our mental health.

Alcohol is not a right thing when you are at depression. Sometimes it seems that a glass of alcohol can keep you calm at the end of the day, but the bitter truth is alcohol accelerates the mental diseases.

Finally we can say that a proper eating habit, balanced diet and wise consumption of foods can give us very good mood. These can bring us permanent relief from our depression prone life.

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