Women love to have beautifully shaped long and shiny nails. It increases the beauty of their hands. But most of the times many women are not been able to take care of their nails. This happens due shortage of time and busy schedule. But everyday only 20 minutes can bring the shine and glow in your nails. So let’s discuss some tips for keeping the nails healthy and beautiful.

Tips for keeping your nails beautiful and shiny

Have a proper diet

In every aspect of your life a proper diet plays a significant role. If you are not getting enough nutrients then your nails may lose their natural shine. They may become thin and consequently they may break. Drink a lot of fluids daily. The most important fluid is water. Green leafy veggies are a great source of vitamins and calcium. So have them regularly. Our nails need a lot of care from the inside. Necessary nutrients are needed. Good fatless dairy product can give us ample amount of calcium. Try to keep the nails healthy by having a proper diet.

Keep your nails clean

It is very much necessary. If we don’t keep our nails clean it may be affected by fungi or bacteria. So we always have to look after our personal hygiene. We can use lemon juice to clean our nails. It gives good protection against germs and also nourishes. Always use good nail polish remover to remove the polishing. Too much hot water, detergents and course soap can damage nails. So, to keep them nice and beautiful we have to avoid harmful products. We can use gloves to protect them from detergents and chemicals. Cut them regularly with a sharp nail cutter. Always try to follow the perfect rules for cutting them.

Use good moisturizing and avoid harsh chemicals

Nails need to have a certain levels of moisture. If they lose the moisture then it may experience the cracking. It may have scratches and other problems. Moisturizers help to keep the moisture to a good level. Avoid using harsh chemicals otherwise it can damage the health of your nails. Always use non acetone nail polish remover. Remember that harsh chemicals can make you nails brittle.

How to make your nails look beautiful?

For making your nails beautiful and attractive you can follow some procedures.

Make a kit for taking care of nails

Keep a kit for taking care of you nails. Keep them near your cleaning sink. This kit may involve nail cutters, soft towels, nail polish removers, cotton, base coating and fresh lemon juice. Also keep nail shiner and polisher of different types.

Nail polish removing

If you have some leftover polish then remove those with acetone free nail polish remover and cotton.

Cleaning and cutting nail

After removing nail polish try to put your fingers in a mixture of soap and water. You can use liquid soaps for making sudsy water. Keep your nails on the solution for 5 minutes. Take soft towels and clean your finger and nails. This is the best time to cut your nails. Cut your nails with a cutter.
Nourishing nails

Now try to give your nails some vitamins by soaking them up in the lemon juice. This will definitely make your nails soft and shiny. Now use some lotion and apply them. Polish your nails with care.

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