For various reasons women get fat. They can gain weight due to stress and boredom, pregnancy, menopause and many other reasons. Getting fat after marriage is equally true for men and women. But it is seen that women gain weight more easily than men, especially older women. Now why an older women gain more weight than men? This can be explained like this – After menopause the particular enzyme related to fat increase in women. This enzyme is known as Aldh1a1. This is responsible for making women fat. Many women are there who eat more because of stress. Sometimes they are unhappy and a comfort eating helps them. If you are a student going to college then you may not get any time for running or getting a good balanced meal. At these times you get really peckish because of working from 8 am to 10 pm. You ask for sweets, chips and some high calorie candy bars. After getting fat many questions arises in your mind like

How to lose weight quickly? And you want to know the ways to lose weight quickly.

Now let’s come to the fact that women gain weights at the time of pregnancy. Women get too much weight before and after having babies. Apart from many physical changes, it becomes difficult for the mother to have healthy eating and exercises. But in their mind they have that latent wish to lose weight. And they ask the question how can I lose weight? I think it is the most common question. They want to lose weight rapidly and need the best way to lose weight quickly for women. There are many other reasons for women to get fat like getting married, becoming less active etc. And there are some other reasons like lack of knowledge.

How to lose weight quickly for women

When it comes to the fact of quick weight loss we forget about the health issues. Weight loss should be done in a way that doesn’t interfere with our balance and stamina to do the daily work. So we will discuss the tips for losing weight fast for women in a healthy way. These are some of the tips:

Add healthy foods rather than subtracting food

Subtracting will never help. So add some goodies in your diet. Try to add the juicy berries, cherries and peas on your diet. You can make your own lunch packet. Add those fruits and vegetables in your breakfast. Add cereal to your breakfast. And garnish your breakfast with veggies. Add some fruits in your soup. Fruits and vegetables will give you astonishing results. Use fruits for your survival. Start the fruit and vegetable addition and figure weight loss percentage. Add some weight loss smoothies in your diet. Add green tea in your diet. Green tea helps to lose some weight. Believe me you will not become disappointed. And if some physical is added to this excellent diet, think what a great result will come!


Enjoy the exercises don’t take them too seriously

You can use some synonym of exercise or workouts. Because most of the times the term exercise frightens the women. My point is if you enjoy the workouts then you don’t have to fear them. Be animated. Try the cycling, swimming, running, hiking and use all types of cardio. You should try to have a good knowledge of cardio. Is cardio your acquaintance? Make cardio your best friend because it is one of the best weight loss workouts. Try to burn calories and vitalize your muscles. Try beachcombing, riding bikes, car washing, floor wiping. You can play with your dogs in the yard. Enjoy your sexual life. And always remember that these enjoyable workouts can ensure a healthy heart for women.


Start walking

You cannot deny the effectiveness of walking. It is an excellent cardio. As you should know “Slow and steady wins the race”. So try things at a low pace. Everyday try to walk for half an hour. You can take three 10 minutes session. This walking is very much recommended as a post pregnancy exercise along with postpartum yoga. If you don’t have the environment for walking then make the atmosphere. I have heard many weight loss success stories which are based on walking only. These are some few tips which you can apply to boost your walking exercise:

  • Take the stairs.
  • Always get off the bus a few stops earlier.
  • Go to the shopping mall and visit each level without using the lifts.
  • Don’t use leaf blower. Rather you should sweep the leaves from rake or drive way manually.
  • Whenever you get chance get out of the office building and have a walk.
  • You should park your car at the back of the lot.

Make your favorite foods lighter

If you are a foodie women (don’t take it personally) then you should stick to your food. Yes I am right. Because it is difficult for one to remove all her favorite foods in first try. Rather I should suggest make your favorite foods lighter. This is a great practice for losing weight fast for women. If you try the low calorie version of your favorite foods then you will not felt denied.

Pizzas can be made with low fat cheese and the taste is almost the same. Use low calorie ice creams with fruits on the top of it. You should trim the fat calories and you can keep your eating habit as it is. Add fibers to your favorite foods. Why to use fibers in your foods? Fibers keep your stomach full for a long time. You don’t feel hungry. So while retrenchment of calories you can amplify the habit of fiber intake. These are the easiest ways to lose weight quickly. So make your pizza dough with whole grain wheat flour and you can use red bell paper also.


Don’t forget to trim the calories from the drinks. If you are taking beers or fizzy drinks then switch to low-cal beer and clean soda. At first you should try to lighten up your drinks by mixing them with low cal drinks. Then try to increase the ratio of low calorie drinks.

Drink a lot of water for weight loss

Drinking a lot of water is a part of healthy weight loss diet for women. Try to drink some before having your meal and you wouldn’t feel hunger-bitten. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Scientific researches show that intake of water can increase the metabolism or the rate of burning fat. If a person drinks 17 ounces of water daily his metabolism rate increases by 30%. And this is true for both men and women. A good and healthy food menu with plenty of water is the best diet to lose weight quickly for women.

Share your meal

In many restaurants the food is served in huge plates. A lot of food isn’t it? So try to create a habit of sharing. So split the food. Go out with your friends and share. This will detruncate your meal. You will feel stuffed. Even a desert or pint of beer can shared between you and your husband or boyfriend, right? You will eat less, remain healthy and save some money. It also helps to grow the mentality of working together. It is seen that whether eating or doing gyms you will do better hanging in groups. Some women start fasting to lose weight. It is not a good idea. Rather you should try sharing.

Shred your plate size or serving size

Making your plate small is one of the weight loss secrets. Suppose a large plate is served with less amount of food then it will make you craving for more. In researches it is seen that a small bowl full of foods is more satisfying and you have to agree with me in this regard. So use smaller plates, bowls and spoons for your own sake.

Get involved and concentrate

In many discussions I have found that women who eat while watching TV are more vulnerable to overeating. Try to concentrate in your foods while eating. Observe what you are eating. Chew the foods properly which will assist your digestive system to work properly. Get involved in having your meals sensibly. Eat your meals properly and try to think something outside of weight loss. These are simple ways to lose weight.

Have patience

You will see the posters or many medicines which tell you how to lose weight fast for women in a week. I think these are bogus. These medicines definitely harm you by giving you cancers. So don’t take these medicines. Don’t involve in the slimming centers which offer to make you thin in one week. These slimming centers will make you lose water from the body. After some days you will become fat like you were before. And the diet pills can impede the absorption of fats which will cause deficiency of vitamin A, D, E and K. So why take risk. Rather stick to your basic tasks and wait patiently for the results.


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