Summer gives the feelings of sun, sand and sea. In this season shorts, sarongs and bikinis are the most comfortable things to wear. But do we think about our body? Is it healthy to expose your flesh under the burning sun of beach? Are you happy with your weight in this summer? Do you feel fit and healthy in these conditions?

If your answers are ‘No’ then try to follow these very important tips:

1 – Take Control of your Weight

Try to start the toning and weight losing processes. List all the reasons you want to shape up.

Write down your aims and make logical reasons to follow them. Note the times of your success. It will help you to be succeeded next time. It is easier to lose weight in summer but taking control is not easy.

Keep visible record of your weight and keep the diary. You will not like the reading of the bathroom scales initially. But after losing some weight you will feel better. Do not starve, it will burn your muscles but not fat. One kg weight loss per week will be excellent. Do not worry about your weight while doing workouts, look at you at the mirror and find the changes you have made in your body shape. After losing the fat you will feel much better in the summer because fat is like overcoat in our body. It helps to heat your body up in summer. Stick to your weight loss task you will feel better in the summer.

2 – Keep a Food Diary

A food diary is proposed by all the nutritionists, trainers and dieticians. It will help to guide you to your aim. I will work as an inspiration to you. Keep the records of your last seven days eating habit which will help you lose weight effectively in the coming days. By this food diary you will be able to become aware of many things that you ignored in past. It will give you a clear knowledge of your eating pattern.

Try to understand how you are feeling after eating a specific food. Are you feeling bored, tired or energised and joyful? Keep the record of these things. According to these reports, boost up your weight loss process.

3 – Buy a Decent Pair of Trainers

In summer sports injury can be very disastrous. So preventing injury in summer is better than cure. If you like sports then try to avoid injuries. It is a tedious process to recover from sports injury. It can involve osteopaths, physiotherapists and the recovery process is very slow. So always choose the right foot wears. Whether you are running, dancing or playing tennis perfect shoes are very important so use comfortable shoes. In summer you have to forget about fashion and think more about comfort. This will increase your eagerness of continuing weight loss programmes. Statistics show that people, who wear comfortable shoes, can run and walk more and eventually lose more weight.

4 – Portion Control

Use small plates and fill them with vegetables. These days it is seen that restaurants are also serving big plates as a business policy. Try to avoid the restaurant food. If you are bound to have lunch in a restaurant, try to have a starter for the main course. Think about the children in Africa who are starving. It will help you think better and eat better.

5 – Think Little and Often

Most of the people are not willing to continue the gym work for a longer period. People become frustrated after sometime. For those who are spending money in the gym should be liable to their work. A simple suggestion for them will be, be regular and don’t try too much hard that makes you tired and depressed. People who stick to their exercise programmes and keep their patients are found more successful in weight loss. Despite of pushing yourself for 2-3 hours once in a week try to do cumulative exercise for 30 minutes every day. Even you can complete your 30 minutes in 3 portions each having a 10 minute period.

Now come to the fact of choosing your sports. It is very important in weight loss activity. If you are introvert then you should not select a game like football. Have some common sense. Choose your workouts and sports according to your personality. You can have yoga, swimming etc. which are really very effective. Take each step carefully you must not give up the hope.

6 – Move More

Our bodies are designed to move because we have to keep our body limbs active and fit. Our body is like a machine which needs perfect and smooth running. And to make it perfect there is no alternative of moving. If you are not moving enough then there is a definite possibility of getting rusts like unused metals!

These days we are getting heavier because of moving less. The modern technologies are sometimes responsible for this. We are sitting in our cars, in front of televisions and computers. It is essential for us to take 10,000 steps each day and it is recommended by The British Heart Foundation. By walking for 30 minutes daily we can lose 5 kilograms in two months.

7 – Laugh It Off

Laughter is the ultimate treatment of extra fats. Laughter helps to boost the immune system. The high blood pressure, stress hormones and many other hormonal problems can be solved by the laughing only. It helps to make our muscles more flexible. It is possible to burn 2.31 calories per minute by laughing only. Try to keep yourself happy. It will accelerate your weight loss process. The extra fat will be burnt.

8 – Have a Ball For Exercise

The “Swiss ball” can incredibly help to enhance your weight loss program. But it is a must to use them perfectly. From the opinion of many trainers it is known that just sitting on a ball can strengthen our spin and give energy to our core. This happens due to the adjustments with the instability of the ball. This helps to strengthen our abdominal muscles and back. If the crunches and reverse crunches are practised on a ball, it is more beneficial for abs than the floor workouts.

The more you work with the ball, the stronger these muscles become. As a beginner just sitting on the ball will be great exercise because it will help to establish balance.

9 – Find a Diet That Suits You

The people of the world are totally unfit regarding their weight. In statistics it is seen that 53% women are suffering from obese in USA. For men the percentage is 63%. So it is the time to establish a proper eating habit. For losing weight and burning fat it is obvious to have a balanced diet. Think of your waistlines, you will find it more than at any time in the earlier days. So to keep up the weight loss programme select a suitable diet which will help you to remain in budget and keep you fit. Get slim and enjoy the life.

10 – RUN

If we talk about aerobics, we cannot ignore the importance of running. Running provides the whole body workouts. It can burn 100 calories per mile. But it is to be remembered that running can be proved very punishing for the people who have joint problems. But this high intensity workout can help to lose weight effectively. But you can also get benefit from walking. Walking helps the weight loss process. If you have back pain and joint problems then stick to walking.

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