To lose fat, people try all manner of things without knowing the correct rules of fat loss. People do things such as –

  • Some people eat 2 meals a day which eventually make your muscles to burn. (not good)
  • You don’t cheat. You have to cheat while you are doing fat burning training. You have to keep the hormones alive to keep your fat to be reduced.
  • People start a weight loss program without having any kind of knowledge.
  • Totally cut the carbohydrates from the meal.
  • All kinds of fats are totally cut out from the daily meal.

These are absolutely of no benefit. After trying these for some time, people become tired and go back to their big 3 meals consumption.

Why Most People Put on Weight

Having meals with much too large a portion size is the main reason most people gain weight:


You have bigger meal at the morning. Consume a lot of carbohydrate and increase the level of your blood sugar.


Much bigger meal is taken which contains a lot of carbs and fats. You will definitely increase your fat and weight.


A big meal at night can increase your fat.

How to Drop Weight and Get In Shape

Now follow the correct procedures to lose your fat and try to get the lean shape :


  • At first drop the traditional 3 meals a day type diet. Eat as much as you can but make the proper division of your meals .When you eat 3 meals a day, the starvation mechanism bring about the muscle burning and feeds the fat cells every three hours. So avoid 3 big meals a day rather take divided meals. Convert 3 meals a day to 6 meals a day.
  • Take carbohydrates regularly in your daily food consumption. Take very low amount of carbohydrate but not completely cut it down from your meals.
  • Take the natural carbohydrates like fruits and vegetables. Avoid processed carbohydrate like sweets made from sugar.
  • Eat frequent meals having proteins and less carbs. This protein increases the testosterone hormone which helps to reduce the belly fat.
  • Do not forget to take breakfast. If you don’t take breakfast then your muscle will start to burn and you will keep your fat intact.
  • Differentiate between your dietary fats and body fats. Sometimes it is necessary to have fats to keep your testosterone level in a good condition. Try to have fish oil and beans. Some fatty acids are very much necessary to stop body fat accumulation. Omega 3 fatty acid is that kind of things which not only stop accumulation of body fat but also prevents the obesity.
  • Avoid trans fat as they cause many kinds of cardiovascular diseases and promote cholesterol by increasing fats and blocking the arteries.
  • Never eat meals having merely carbohydrate. Eat meals having a lot of protein with some carbohydrate. After having a hard exercise, eat a meal having a lot of carbs and proteins. Think carbs as an energy source and use them only when you need them.
  • Diet is a single element which can reduce fat. So apply diet with necessary physical exercise. Have the diet foods regularly.


  • Try to have some simple workouts at first.
  • To have good results try to do some push ups daily which will increase stamina by which you will get energy to perform other hard exercises easily.
  • Have some belly exercises like crunches.
  • For reducing belly fat try to pull up your knees up to your chest and try to hold it there for a second and slowly release it. It will reduce your belly fat. You can do the above mentioned exercise by using a inclined bench.
  • For highest difficulty level do the exercise hanging down from a chinning bar.

Try to do these dietary methods and have the exercises regularly. Good luck.

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