The relation between patient and doctor should be full of respect and belief. But these days things are changed drastically. The relation between patients and doctors has become complicated. But the key of good health is to have an open discussion with your doctor and effective change of vies between them. So learn how to choose your doctor.

Can you discuss freely with your physician? Can you discuss about diagnosis, prescription and your physical and mental condition with your doctor? Find the answer of these questions. It will help you to know “How to choose your physician?” Do you know where you will find the casualty treatment? If you know the answers then you will be able to find your physician. General people are the consumers of the healthcare and other facilities derived from health care. So to get good service for health you have talk with the people who are offering the service. The relation of belief between patient and doctor is the root of protecting your health. So by keeping all these things in your mind find your doctor.

How to choose Doctors?

The first requirement for selecting a physician would be his/her degrees. The doctors must have their respective degrees. He/she also has to have certificate for professional practice. So if the doctor has the certificate of respective country’s medical and dental council then he can practice. If the above mentioned requirements are not fulfilled it will be against to law to practice.

Select your doctor when you are not sick because at the time of sickness a wrong physician can bring calamities to your life. Educational qualifications, training and personality should be considered while choosing physician. If you feel abashed talking to your doctor about your problems then you will not be benefited.

Doctor should care about the rights of patients

Patients have some rights and responsibilities. Patients have the right to talk with his/her physician in an open mind. But all the discussion and change of views between doctor and patients should be kept as a secret. The confidential things should be kept in secret record. The information about patients can be given only to the legal guardian of the patient. Patients have the right to know about the treatments he is undergoing. The symptoms, the disease and treatments should be told to patients. Most of the time patients do not understand the medical terms. Doctors should not use abstruse terms. It is a duty of the doctor to make patients understand the terms in easy language. Every patient has the right to have good treatment. If a doctor is not treating well then this matter can be discussed with him. By discussing only patients can have the solution. So the rights of the patients can be summarized as –

  • Right of keeping their information secret
  • Information exchange
  • Ideal treatment
  • The right of having second choice
  • Belief
  • Alternative treatment
  • Less vulnerable treatment and operation
  • Reasonable fees and expenses
  • Evaluation of the treatment’s result.

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