We always look for some extreme weight loss tips. Sometimes we lose our mind and apply hard and fast ways to lose weight. Sometimes these weight lose methods can be proved very harmful. But if we apply natural ways to lose weight, then we will get the benefits without any side effects. Have you noticed that most of the diets include fruits in them? Nothing can go wrong if you take fruits as a weight loss method. As fruits contain essential vitamins, minerals and fibers it is very useful for our overall health improvements. So at first try to involve in a weight loss program that includes fruits. You can create your own programs if you know about the fruits that help to lose weight.


  • The fruits that can help you lose weight

There are lots of other benefits of fruits. In winter fruits can keep your skin smooth, healthy and shiny. It makes our digestive organs powerful and helps the elimination. That’s how it helps to detoxify our body. Fruits also help us in improving our sexual health life (for both men and women). In this article we will discuss about weight loss by fruits.


How do fruits help you lose weight?

Well, let’s know about how fruits help us losing weight. By the following methods fruits are very effective in losing weight.

Eliminate bad fats or bad cholesterol (LDL)

Many fruits and vegetables may contain oils and carbohydrates. But this fats and carbohydrates are good. Most of the fruits contain High density Lipoprotein or HDL which is good for health. These good fats or cholesterols help us in cleaning the bad fats or low density lipoprotein from the walls of the blood vessels. As a result our liver functions well and metabolism and excretion performance increases. So you are losing some bad fats. As fat decreases your weight loss also accelerates. That’s why we should take fruits if we are suffering from bad cholesterols. Thus by fruits we will be able to lose lipids or fats and thereby lose some pounds.

Fruits Provide alternative source of energy

Fruits are an excellent source of complex carbohydrates as well as fructose. We talk about glucose as a source of energy. But glucose can be harmful for the diabetes patients as it increases the blood sugar. Glucose is a kind of sugar which is stored in the adipose tissues and helps weight gain if not burned. Fruits contain fructose which is has much lesser calorie than glucose and it doesn’t contribute of weight gain. So take some fruits at dinner and you are free from the threat of weight gain and high blood sugar.

Great help in digestion

Fibers are great for filling the stomach and also excellent for digestion. Fibers help in trapping toxic chemicals in the body and eliminating the foreign bodies and fats. Our guts remain healthy as fibers from fruits help us in fighting the harmful organisms.


Fruits are excellent weight loss food

Where you will find superb foods like fruits? They are tasty, healthy, low calories foods which don’t involve any kind of chemicals. Most of the weight loss supplements or pills are harmful for our health both physical and mental. These are great foods and also low glycemic. Fruits keep our system clean and prevent cardiovascular diseases.


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Fruit Juices are great snacks

Many people are obsessed to chips, pizzas, burgers and other junk foods. They are most likely to gain weight. But if you take a glass full of fruit juice including the pulp then you will not get any extra weight. It will make you feel better and you will be full with its nutritional value. I recommend making fruit juices in home rather to buy from market.

Some tips for preparing fruit juice

If you are planning to make some fruit juices then you should buy fruits from the organic market or farmers shop. Eat fresh.

Fruits must be cleaned before making the juice because it may contain pesticide

Don’t waste any of the fruit. Use a good juicer.

Try not to add sugar. Instead you can add honey and lemon juice in the juice to have refreshing taste.

Fruits have numerous health benefits. These are very much advantageous in our weight loss program. Fruits have vitamins and minerals which are well absorbed by our body cells. So eat variety of fruits and juices. Enjoy your weight loss program by fruits.

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