Nails are an important part of our body. It covers the tissues of our toes and fingers. It protects our fingers and toes because it works as a cover for them. If we look at the nail anatomy we found that it is formed by keratin which is a hard protein.

We should always take good care of our nails. Sometimes our nails can uncover our personality. Nails should always be kept neat and clean. By taking proper care of nails we can keep it healthy and clean. Be mindful about taking care of your nails. We take care of our face and skin. It seems very important to us to take care of our skin and other body parts. But we see that nail care is often neglected. Always keep in mind that proper care of nails can save you from fungus. This will also help you to keep your nails beautiful.

There are many types of diseases of nails such as onychomycosis, onychia, onychocryptosis, Onychodystrophy, Onychogryposis, Onycholysis , Onychomadesis, Paronychiaetc. It is always better to keep your nails free from any kind of affliction. From siginificant researches it is seen that many nail diseases occur due to the attack of fungi. If your nails are attacked by these types of fungi you should take immediate treatment. In this article I will discuss about herbal nail treatment.

Why we should use Herbal Nail Fungus Treatment?

The treatment of nail fungus can be very hard if it is not taken care of early. Pharmaceutical drugs are very popular these days. It is also true that many of these drugs have some reactions. High power antibiotics can be proved very detrimental to our body. If you take antibiotics for the treatment of nail fungus it can react with your system. The cure rate is not also 100%. It is seen that 60-80% cure is possible. Sometimes these infections from fungi can lead to nail removal. So I will discuss some herbal remedy for fungal nail infections. Herbal remedies for nail fungus are good because they don’t create any kind of problem in the smooth running of your internal system.

Some effective herbal nail fungus treatments:

Herbal herbs

Some herbs are proved really effective against fungal infection. There are specific groups of plants known as fungicides. These fungicides can be proved very useful for treating nail infection. To stop the fungi from spreading these herbs can be very advantageous. These are able to destroy the fungi spores. The treatment of nail fungus infection is not an easy task. It takes a number of medicines to get rid of this fungus. Herbal fungicides are tea tree oil, cedar, thyme, cinnamon and gum weed. Adaptogens is a kind of herb which is very much useful in the treatments of integumentary (skin and nail problems)

The tea tree oil

The tea tree has some magical effects on the nail fungus. These oils have a chemical composition which fights fungus. It has essential anti-fungal properties. It can treat many ailments other than nail fungus. It is powerful and potent. So we can use Tea tree oil for fighting nail fungus (Tea tree oil is only found in Australia.) It also fights eczema acne and other skin diseases. Athletes can use it for their foot treatment. It has a nice and pleasant smell. Tea Tree oil with nail debridement can give crucial improvements to your affected nail. Many people found it very useful for their nails.

Lemongrass oil or lemon juice

Lemon has citric acid in it. It is natural disinfectant. It kills the fungus and bacteria quickly. If your nails are infected by the fungus and you apply the lemongrass oil you will see that you nails are turning black immediately. It indicates that your nails are getting free from fungus. That’s how fungus is killed lemongrass oil.


Garlic is amazing antifungal herb. People are well aware of the antibiotic properties of Garlic. It increases the natural immunity. If you want to know about the top foods that improves natural immunity. Read this

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Like fighting other microbes garlic can fight the nail fungus. It is a great herb for fighting nail fungus. The infected nail can be treated with garlic oil. Or you can use the garlic itself on the affected area. You can also eat some garlic for keeping yourself healthy.

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Apply vinegar

Vinegar is a very mild acid (acetic acid). The acidic properties of vinegar interrupt the inhabitants of fungus. It is actually an old process to treat the nails with herbal means. Vinegar can also help to soften your skin and remove dead skin cells. But frequent use of vinegar can cause the discoloring of nails. It is the cheapest herbal treatment for nail fungus.


Before taking any herbal supplements talk to your physician. A person having good botanic knowledge can give you perfect knowledge about fungus fighting herbs.

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