Women should be very conscious about their health. Men and women both can have the same diseases. But women should be extra careful about these issues. Sometimes the symptoms are not the same for men and women for a similar disease. But in most cases it has been seen that women suffer from diabetes and depression along with most dangerous cancers. So women of all ages should be careful because they have to take care of their child also. The life of a woman is not that easy. Often they are seen to suffer from breast cancers. They face problem at the time of breast feeding. In the menopause period they can develop some disease also. Sometimes they also suffer from cervical cancers. Sometimes they have to take birth control pills. These may also cause harm to their health.

In modern world we see that the risk of strokes and heart attacks among the women is increasing. Once it was seen in the statistics that men are more vulnerable to heart disease than women. But today the rate of attack is almost the same. In USA the main cause for women death is marked. And it is the cardiovascular diseases (CVD). Women of all ages should be careful about CVDs as it can attack women of any age at any time. The rate of strokes is on the rise and it is very threatening.

The use of contraceptives is very much risky. These can cause blood clotting and can lead women to death. So awareness is necessary when applying these medicines.

The symptoms of heart attack for women may occur in a different manner than men. It is not obvious that they should feel the intense chest pain. There may be some other symptoms like back pain. They may also develop a flue like disease. So for their own sake they should act aggressively against diseases.

So for all types of diseases women should prepare themselves. They should emphasize on healthy eating and exercising. It is always seen that OCD (obsessive compulsive disorders) are harming women a great deal. Obesity and other obsession is always seen among them. These can affect their heart also by increasing the level of bad cholesterol. Health consciousness among the women in very necessary.

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