Friendship and friends can keep us healthy. Good friends can make our life full of joy. Childhood friends can make our day. When we meet our childhood friends our mind fills with and joy and we feel that we are going to have longer and happy life. Finding a true friend is really very hard. But the people who remain beside us in our happiness and grief are the true friends. From a study, involving the senior citizens of Australia for 10 years, showed that deep friendship can have an influence in our lifespan. Sometimes this bond is much stronger than family ties. Great and deep satisfied friendship can keep ourselves free from obesity, depression and heart diseases.

Lifetime friend

The old friend founds her friend like a 16 years old girl even at an old age. No matter if he/she is wearing a bifocal lenses, will recognize his/her friends like the first day of their meeting. These are described by a professor of North Carolina University named Rebecca G Adams. Old friend is really special one. So friendship should be kept for lifetime. By letters, emails or by Facebooking we can keep friendship intact. Share some unforgettable moments by your digital camera with friends. This will definitely take care of your heart and improve your life span.

A new friend

New friends can insist you to do some fresh and new things. They always help to break the circle of monotony. If you want to change your job and also want to find a romantic relationship then these new friends are proved very useful. So make new friends and improve your mental fitness.

Friends of exercise

Friendship can be created while walking beside the lake. Specialists say that – walking, playing golf, tennis, dancing all can be done to keep you healthy. From the research of Connecticut University it was seen that to make the exercise amusing, a lot of strong social support is needed. The research was made involving 189 women aging between 59-78 years. Even walking is amusing if it involves the company of friends. The husband and wife walking together is a great scene.

Spiritual friends

Duke University Medical Center ran a research and reported that people who attend various religious ceremony live longer than the people who are reluctant to do these. And from these functions people can gain a lot of friends who can improve our life style. Here we can find good friends and enjoy the benefits of friendship.

A young friend

From a young friend we come to know about a lot of new things. They can keep us up to date to latest news and health issues. A young friend can be anyone. It can be your own son or daughter. From your own life experience you can also give them knowledge.

The friend who can be kind and sharing

This is obvious for women who are in line of menopause. In this period if a woman find a same aged women friend, she feels too much happy. They learn how to live the rest of their life happily. So finding a support group will be great. And learn how to be a friend.

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