These days both men and women suffer from the problem of hair loss and thinning. This phenomenon is very much annoying, stressful and problematic for them. There are many reasons for hair loss or hair fall. People may be suffering from illness or may be they have a poor diet. A lot of treatments are seen on the market for hair loss. People are in dilemma whether to use them or not because these treatments can have additional side effects. But if we go for all natural stuffs then these we can combat this problem. And moreover natural treatments for hair loss is not that expensive. It is affordable and effective.

For encouraging natural hair growth we can follow these remedies. If you want to keep your hair healthy and safe from prescription drugs then give these natural medications a shot.


Aromatherapy is based on massaging your hair by essential oils. These oils will fortify the roots of your hair. Your hair will have shine and appear thick. Here are some essential oils that you can use as an Aromatherapy.

  • Fenugeek
  • Lavender
  • Rosemary
  • Sage
  • Cypress
  • Ginger etc.

Here is a medicine for you : Take a tablespoon of bay essential oil and mix with half tablespoon of sage oil. Now mix 12 tablespoons of avocado oil. You are ready to massage these oil to your scalp very gently. You can use it everyday. Just keep it in your scalp for 15 minutes and wash. These will naturally prevent hair fall in men and women, relief stress and strengthen the roots.

Herbal treatments

If you are suffering from excessive hair loss then you knock the doors of herbal treatments. There are many herbs and botanicals which are very effective to stop excessive hair loss. In this regard we can use rosemary tea, field horsetail and many more things like oats and echinnacea.

Ayurvedic Home Remedies

Ayurveda is safe as it uses the natural ingredients from our environment. Ayurvedic medicines is very popular for the solution of hair loss and baldness in men. From many centuries these Ayurvedic remedies are practiced for natural health. These are very popular because they are free from side effects.These therapies involve the use of aloe vera juice and cumin on the scalp. These are very useful against thinning of hair. A mixture of yogurt and white sesame seeds can be used as breakfast or these can be directly used in the scalp. Consult a dermatologist before applying any types of medication. But these Ayurveda is helpful in slowing down the hair loss pattern in men.

Boost Your Diet

Bad eating habit or weak diet is mainly responsible for the hair loss. Especially in young men and women malnutrition is the main culprit. Health supplements having vitamins, minerals, iron and essential nutrients are suggested by the experts. If you change your diet into an effective on you will see a drastic change in your overall health and also it will minimize hair loss. A balanced diet will give you these fortified elements which will give you healthy, shiny and strong tresses!

Nutrients that will boost hair gain and reduce hair loss

  • Iron: Iron deficiency or anemia is known to be one of the most important factors for hair fall or hair thinning. There are many natural foods that contain iron. I prefer using these iron rich foods other than using iron supplements. There are a lot of supplements which give you iron. Eat bananas, apples, lentils and green vegies for getting a lot of iron. These foods will help you to boost your hair health in natural means.
  • Protein: The importance of protein is vital for repairing damaged hair. The healthy intake of protein helps to reduce hair loss. Both men and women can reduce hair thing by proteins. Poultry food, eggs, fishes are rich in protein. Proteins are the main building block for hair. Proteins keep the hair follicles good and encourage growth of new hair.
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids: This is one nutrient that cannot be produced by the body itself. So regular and healthy intake of this nutrient can help people to make their hair strong and protected. 3% of the hair shaft is dependent of Omega 3 fatty acids. These oils make the hair follicles strong. Omega 3 fats can be got from different fish oils and vegetables.
  • Vitamins: The deficiency of vitamins can cause a lot of harm to our overall health. The lack of vitamins can cause the dull, lifeless and weak mane. This can also result the flaky and itchy scalp. The lack of vitamins is responsible for the rapid hair loss in young people. Yellow fruits and vegetables like mangoes, sweet potatoes , pumpkins , carrots are good sources of beta carotene . These beta carotenes ate turned into vitamin A by the body. This vitamin A is great for preventing premature hair loss. Spinach, kale and leafy vegetables are a great source of vitamin C and beta carotene. Fruits like different types of berries are a great source of essential nutrients and vitamin C. There are fruits like yogurt, low fat cheese and skimmed milk. All these foods are great for fortifying the hair health and strength.
  • Zinc: if you are suffering from sudden and immediate hair loss then you are may be a victim of zinc deficiency. Oysters, whole grain foods, cereals and eggs contain zinc. These will give you rich supply of zinc.
  • Combat Stress: People need to know that excessive stress, tension, fatigue are the main key reasons for increasing hair loss and hair fall. Lack of rest and relaxation is another reason for these problems for both men and women.
  • Therefore a good night sleep is also needed along with medicines for combating hair fall. A stress free routine is much needed for this. You can try regular yoga and meditation because these are proven techniques to combat stress and tension.
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  • Styling, Massage and Hair Care: Your life style and daily hair management and care can have a significant effect over the welfare of your hair. Don’t do excessive styling on your hair or don’t do hard brushing. Stop experimenting with your hair. Don’t put too much pressure on your hair like tight braids and high ponytails. Let your hair to breath. You can use some volume boosting products on your hair.

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