To get a nice toned abs with six packs is very hard. It is desired by many people, but to be honest, there is no alternative to the hard work required to make this dream come true.

To get a lean and healthy body with nice and toned defined abs you must have to follow some rules. Proper exercise strategies and nutrition strategies can help us to keep our body fit. And, of course, you can have that six pack abs that everybody wants!

It doesn’t matters whether you are male, female, young or old if you can just adjust the things according to your capability. People do a lot of work outs and find a little progress after a while but then the progress becomes stand still. All want to know about quick six packs abs growing techniques.

I will try to share some of these techniques which will be very effective regarding abs toning. This post is all about making your regular abs shaping exercises more effective. You have to have the basic knowledge of abdominal exercises.

  1. Some people say, “I am running for making abs perfect but not getting the results.” Listen, only running will not do the work for you. You must run but not more than 20-30 minutes. It’s because if you burn too much muscle you will not get desired shape of abs.  So make some routine running. 3 or 4 day of running in a week will be very effective.
  2. Abs growing exercise should be done according to your body mass. If your body mass is high then you should have to do more hard work than you are doing. Sometimes you grow the abs perfectly inside but it is not seen from outside because of non dehydrated fat outside. For those circumstances you have to do some fat dehydrating exercises.
  3. It is obvious that you should do a lot of sit ups for making abs shaped. If you do sit ups, running and swimming regularly you are about to trim some fat from your abdomen.
  4. As the abdomen includes or carries our digestive system it is must to take care of your digestive system. The metabolism rate should be high.
  5. We have to remember that we already have abs but covered with unwanted fats. So keep that in mind and increase the number of crunches you are doing. Do 300 crunches with cardio daily for getting desired results in just 2 months.
  6. If you are doing abs exercises for a long time but not feeling any burning in the belly, you will not be benefited. Try to do exercises in such a way that makes you feel like burning the belly. Again cardio is a must with these exercises.
  7. While exercising make it sure that your heart rate is up. Jumping, roping, jogging will help to raise the heart rate.
  8. Always keep in mind that if you have a flat belly then a number of belly exercises will help you get abs with packs. What belly exercise does, it makes the muscle to grow and make the core stronger. These were for the flat belly people. People who are bulky and have a nice big cute tummy don’t even think that only belly exercise will make the abs out. Comparatively fat guys have to do a lot of cardio to decrease that stomach fat.
  9. Some people grow six packs very quickly and some doesn’t. Stick to your tasks and never lose hope. It will help you to develop flat abdomen.

To help you on your journey, I have included some videos of exercises that may help:


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