The fruit is the fleshy part of the tree which generally contains the seed. It is mostly edible. The fruit is eaten raw. Most of the fruits can be eaten by human beings. Majority of the folks love fruits. These are full of taste and also very essential nutrients.

What are tropical fruits?

Tropical fruits can only be cultivated in a warm climate. So the warmer countries are most suitable for producing these fruits. These fruits grow well where there is enough sun and rain is present.

List of Tropical Fruits

Acai fruit
Banana fruit
Avocado fruit
Giant Granadilla fruit
Bread fruit
Bilimbi fruit
Burmese Grapes fruit
Calabashtree fruit
Canistel fruit
Cempedak fruit
Cape Gooseberry fruit
Cacao fruit
Ceylon Gooseberry fruit
Cupuacu fruit
Damson fruit
Custard apple fruit
Golden apple fruit
Lablab fruit
Elephant apple fruit
Guarana fruit
Babaco fruit
Hairless Rambutan fruit
Horned melon fruit
Huito fruit
Indian Gooseberry fruit
Indian Fig fruit
Vanilla fruit
Indian Prune fruit
Jackfruit fruit
Sonocoya fruit
Sweet orange fruit
Papaya fruit
Abiu fruit
Watermelon fruit
Red Mombin fruit
Langsat fruit
Musk Melon fruit
Kundong fruit
Lemon fruit
Rose apple fruit
Sweet pepper fruit
Safou fruit
Melon pear fruit
Pulasan fruit
Morinda fruit
Strawberry Guava fruit
Riberry fruit
Sapodilla fruit

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