What are exotic fruits?

Exotic fruits are indigenous. They cannot be cultivated. They remain in the place of their origin. Some exotic fruits can be tropical fruits. They have something totally different.

List of exotic fruits

Kumquat fruit
Star fruit
Lychee fruit
Sapodilla fruit
Persimmon fruit
Rambutan fruit
Black sapote fruit
Passion fruit
Canistel fruit
Sugar apple fruit
African Cucumber fruit
Kiwi fruit
Durian fruit
Feijoa fruit
Atemoya fruit
Dragon fruit
Velvet apple fruit
Santol fruit
Pomgranate fruit
Jabotacaba fruit
Monstera Deliciouso fruit
Horned melon fruit
Calamondos fruit
Mangosteen fruit
Wax jambu fruit
Physalis fruit
Salak fruit
Rollinia fruit
Pummelo fruit
Miracle fruit
White sapote fruit
Star apple fruit

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