Fruits are excellent gifts for our overall health improvements. Fruits can keep us fit for 24 hours. Sometimes people ask “Will eating too much fruit keep me losing weight?” The answer is yes because fruits contain carbohydrates and sugar. Excessive consumption of fruits can gain weights. But it is also to be remembered that too much of anything cause harm to our health. So we have to keep that in mind. We have to choose the fruits that are healthy, full of complex carbohydrates and fibers. In this article I will tell you about some fruits which are very good for our overall health and also helps to lose weight. Now if you ask “Can I lose weight by eating fruits?” The answer is also a yes. Losing weight by fruits is an excellent and superb thinking of modern scientists. So let’s discuss about the fruits that can accelerate our weight loss program.


Great Fruits for weight loss

Fruits which are full of water, fiber and less calories can help your diet plan. These will help you to make your stomach full and eventually help in your weight loss program.


These fruits are sweetest but less in calories in comparison with potatoes and chips. These are full of nutrition value. These are full of antioxidants and Vitamins (A and K). Half cup of grapes has less than 1g fat. They contain 65-85 % of water and rests are sugars along with minerals. So these are good than cookies and potato chips.


These fruits are mainly citrus fruits and can fulfill your daily need for Vitamin C. Eat one medium size orange daily because it has 0g fat, 65 calories and 3g fibers. These are full of soluble fibers which helps you to feel full. So you eat less and thus it helps in weight loss.


These are called the complete food. If you have a banana daily then you need not to take any food in that day. Yeah it is true. One banana has only 1g fat and lots of soluble fiber. So it also helps you remain full.


Half cup of cherry contains 0g fat, 2g fibers and 45 calories. So you can start your day with cherries. These are great for breakfast. These full of antioxidants and melatonin. These are excellent fruits for weight loss.


These are the fruits having a lot of fiber content along with a lot of variety. It has more than 200 types and tastes. These are 0g fat fruits. These fruits have mellow sweetness with vitamins A and C.
There are many fruits on this world which will help you to lose weight. Eat these fresh, organic or mix these with your high fiber breakfast. You will get a lot of benefits from these fruits.

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