Fruits are very much beneficial for our skin. Our skin has is the outer protective layer of our body. So it experiences sun, severe cold and many other diseases. It has to cope with many intense difficulties. Keeping a fair complexion is a tough job. We do not get time to take the skin care. Sometimes the skin care products of big manufacturers are highly costly and beyond the reach of a lot of people. But people want a smooth and nice skin at any cost, especially women. So try to be smart and use the natural resources which are close at hand and also cheap. Yes, you can use the natural things for skin care. In fact these are comparatively cheap. These are fruits. Eat fruits; use their pulps and skins for getting a better complexion. These excellent natural products can give you great taste as well as nourishment for skin and hair. These are full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and essential sugar. Eating fruits or applying them directly on to the skin can bring great consequences for our skin.


Kiwi contains essential fibers which are very much needed for a healthy skin. It also contains antioxidants which can make the skin younger and make it glow. For all types of skins Kiwi can bring great benefit. This fruit is tasty and very beneficial for the skin. The kiwi fruit paste can be applied to your skin for fair complexion and glow. A mixture of kiwi and strawberry can help to peel off the dead skin. The mask can also be used for this purpose. It helps to reduce wrinkles and minimizes the aging signs. If you are dieting don’t be tensed. It has very few calories. You can consume it regularly. It has a good storage for Vitamin C. Even same amount of orange does not have that much vitamin C. The skin of the fruit can also be eaten and can be applied to skin for nourishment. It provides great nutrients to our skin. For having a smooth and wrinkle free skin kiwi is very helpful. As it is a great source of antioxidant it can minimize the oxidation in the living skin cells. It helps us to fight blemishes and acne.

Kiwi Mask for Skin

Mask can be made by applying all the good things with this fruit. Yogurt, honey, skim milks and other nutritious things mixing with this fruit can create a good mask. This can soften your skin and also increase the brightness. Mixing up with yogurt, lemon juice and olive oil it can bring great nourishment for the skin. Dry and oily both skin types will be benefitted by the application of these masks.

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