Both fruits and vegetables are very much important for us. They are full of vitamins, minerals fibers and some antioxidants. But sometimes we find it very difficult to distinguish between fruits and vegetables. Very important topic this is. In our daily life we should consume ample amount of fruits and vegetables. These are both very important for us. Sometimes we cannot understand the difference between fruits and vegetables. There is always a dilemma between tomatoes, pumpkins, watermelons, strawberries and many others. Green papaya is used as vegetable and ripe one is used as fruit. These members are very skeptical. At first we should know the definitions of fruits and vegetables.
Actually fruit is plant product derived from special tissues on a flowery plant. In most of the cases flower and seed is must for fruit production. Fruits are mainly derived from the ovary tissue.
And if we think of vegetables, generally a leafy green plant part or stem floats in front of our eyes. In simple definition we can say that vegetables are the portion of a plant excluding fruits and seeds.

Is a tomato a fruit or vegetable?

The argument continues about tomato. But according to its biological properties it is considered as a fruit. It is a fleshy fruit derived from the ovary. But from the court rule we came to know that tomato is vegetable as it is served always in the main course of a dinner or lunch. Tomatoes are widely used in soup and other recipes. But fruits are generally used as deserts. In many countries tomatoes are known as state vegetable. But according to the fruit properties tomato is a fruit as it contains the seeds.

Is a pumpkin a fruit or vegetable?

Pumpkins have thick orange or yellow flesh. They also have seeds inside them. They are grown from the flowers. According to the definition of fruits pumpkin is a fruit. It fulfils all the properties of a fruit.

Is a coconut a fruit, nut or seed?

According to the complex modern classification coconut is one of the drupes which means it is a layered fruit covering the seeds. It generally has three layers.

Is a strawberry a fruit or vegetable?

Strawberry can be defined as a fruit or fruit in disguise. It is not like the ovary grown frown fruit. The part we eat grows from the part of the stem. And it also doesn’t have the seeds inside it. So there may be tie between fruits and vegetables.

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