Heart disease is acting as the main killer disease in many countries. Heart diseases are occurring in both men and women. Developing countries are also suffering from the threat of this disease. The rate of heart failure among the women is increasing. So in many countries it is seen that women folk are taking the main initiatives to prevent this disease. The prevention of the heart diseases involves the clear knowledge about heart disease and strokes. Eating habit also acts as a main role in the prevention. Some modification of the eating habits to prevent heart failure or stroke is given below –

Eat less salt

The daily consumption of salt should be less than 2300 mg. And if you are already suffering from high blood pressure then the salt consumption should be below 1500 mg.

Avoid bad fat

The saturated fat must be less than 7 % in total calorie consumption. In our daily consumption of food the saturated fat should be lower than 15-20 grams. Trans fat should b e lower than 1%. It will be better to avoid trans fat completely. Saturated fat and trans fat both are bad fats. Red meat, full cream dairy products (Ghee, Butter, milk etc), palm kernel oil, coconut oil have been decreased from the people’s list of food. But we can see that cake, pastry, doughnuts and sweets are consumed by the people to a great extent. The less these things are consumed the better it would be for people.

Cholesterol should be lessened from the food

The yellow part of the egg (yolk), lobsters, liver should be cut down from the eating habit. These foods are full of bad cholesterol. The daily consumption of cholesterol should not be more than 300 mg.

Soluble fibers should be added to the eating habit

People should eat green pea, beans, fruits and vegetables. If you follow this diet then you will be able to keep your heart healthy.

Some tips from World Heart Federation to minimize the risks of heart diseases and strokes

  • Everyone should eat ideal food. Steam boiled, grilled foods are better. White meat, fruits and vegetables, pulse, food with less fat, skim dairy products and drinking a lot of water is encouraged.
  • People ought to take fruits and vegetables five times a day.
  • Drink water instead of cold drinks. Try to drink fat less milk, fresh sugar free fruits juices.
  • Children’s school lunch should include fruits and vegetables.
  • Avoid salty foods. Try to avoid table salt.
  • Avoid lift take stairs. Do exercise for 30 minutes daily. Go out with your family and enjoy the natural beauty.
  • Avoid smoking. Children should not smoke. Have an eye on children regarding smoking.
  • The less you watch TV the better it will be. Do not spend much time in front of computer. Children should go to playground instead of watching TV and playing video games.
  • Be active. Do exercise regularly.
  • If anyone in your family is in the risk of heart failure then consult a physician.

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