In most of the cases eye twitching lasts for a short period of time. Sometimes it can last for weeks or even months. This is very annoying. In such cases we must visit an eye specialist.

If you are suffering from eye tic and need some relief immediately then try some simple techniques. Massaging your eye lids with fingers can warm them up. A nice warming up can help you stop muscle contraction and fasciculation.

A doctor can do proper treatment of this problem. The main cause of eye twitching is muscle contraction. A doctor can help in this regard by giving proper medicines. Useful diagnosis of eye can also help to determine the actual cause.

Sometimes contact lenses can cause irritation of eyes. Perfect contact lenses should be used after diagnosing eyes. Dried eyes needed a different type of lenses. So be careful about these things.
If the problem is too much severe then you may have to use treatment from a physician.

Improved quality sleep is needed. Good comfortable and peaceful sleep can help to minimize stress.
The less the use of caffeine the better for our eyes. This stimulants can cause great harm to our eye lids.

If you are old enough to suffer from the problems of dry eyes then go to a doctor and get proper treatment.

Nervous irritations should be reduced. By simple stress relieving techniques or by medicines we have to control nervous irritation problems.

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