Erectile dysfunction is most commonly seen in aged men. But this problem can occur to young men also. A statistic shows that about 30 million American men suffer from chronic difficulty in achieving or maintaining an erection.

If this is a problem you are newly facing, the question may be asked what exactly is erectile dysfunction? It is the dysfunction which affects the ability of men to have sexual intercourse. American Urological Association gives us an erectile dysfunction age range. From this age range we came to know that half of men over the age of 40 suffer from this problem. In this modern age men don’t have to be too worried about this problem because a number of treatments are available for them.

Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is very common these days. Sometimes ED is very normal. Maybe sometimes you don’t have sexual desire. So occasional dysfunction can be accepted. But if the ED is persistent then you are in trouble. It is characterized by the consistent problems in getting or maintaining an erection. In such cases erectile dysfunction medications are needed. Mainly ED causes are physical and curable. If you are suffering from Diabetes, kidney problems or heart diseases than ED can occur in regular basis.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction for young men and old men may have many physical causes. With the age men develop many diseases.

Cardiovascular diseases

Sometimes ED shows up as an early indicator of cardiovascular diseases. Many young men may suffer from cardiovascular diseases and may develop ED. People who are obese and reluctant to physical labor develop ED.


Diabetic men are most vulnerable to nerve and artery damage. And diabetes can damage the arteries which are responsible for erection. Diabetes creates greater possibility of developing erectile dysfunction.

Neurological disorders

Neurological disorder can disrupt the signaling between the brain and male organ. Strokes and sclerosis are the two neurological disorders that can trigger ED.


Men have to undergo many surgeries for the treatment of prostate cancers, genital or urinary cancers. These surgeries may interfere in maintaining an erection. Some temporary and sometimes permanent ED can be caused due to the cut of related nerves and tissues.

Smoking, Alcohol and drugs

Long term smoking and consumption of too much alcohol can damage the arteries. Smoking causes the harm of blood vessels as a result chain smokers suffer from ED at one stage of their life. A number of prescribed drugs can interfere with proper erection. Men who are addicted in drugs suffer a great deal from ED.

Psychological causes

If you are suffering from the tension of family, money and job, how you will get a proper sexual intercourse? Yes, Stress, depression, fatigue, anxiety and tension are the enemies of a proper sexual life. These things cause the erectile dysfunction. Obsessive compulsive disorder can also ruin you sexual health and life.


Erectile dysfunction treatments

Pharmaceutical treatment of ED

Whole body checkup

The first treatment of ED would be finding the underlying medical problems like high BP or diabetes. So before taking any medications proper checkup should be done to see if the patient has any serious disease or not. Also try to find out if you have an anxiety disorder or not.

Oral medication

Then you can come to the oral medication. According to the body fitness physician should give Viagra or other oral medications that will help to improve the blood flow in the penis. To get a normal stimulation body needs a good production of nitric oxide which actually relaxes the penis muscles to allow more blood. But I always talk about the side effects of the drugs. So the doctors should give treatment according to the health condition of the men. Proper dosage and a good erectile dysfunction guide are much needed for a man.

Alternative medication

Prostaglandin is a group of compounds which have different biological effect. These compounds can dilate the blood and increases the flow. There are many injections and medicines other than oral medication. But they may have the side effects.

Other treatments of ED

Hormone replacement therapy can increase the testosterone level and help to have good enhancement for men.

There are some erectile dysfunction pumps which can be proved useful for some people. This is a mechanical mean of get rid of ED. This pump creates the vacuum which in turn filled up with blood. A tension ring comes with this instrument which helps to keep the erection. But this can have side effects.

There are risky surgeries which involves the implantation of rods in the side of the male organ. These rods are semi rigid and can produce erection.

At last I should say there is no alternative of natural means. The nature is full of many resources which will give you a good treatment for this disease. So please read

Psychological treatment is the big treatment. Men can take psychotherapy to change their point of view in this matter. Anxiety, depression, stress and relationship issues should be resolved to have a better life. These psychotherapies ate better than taking erectile dysfunction supplements or pills.

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The most important suggestion for the erectile dysfunction cure will be

  • Keep things natural
  • Be mentally calm and strong and then
  • Go for medication

Wishing you a healthy and happy, satisfying sexual life.

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