Prune is a dried fruit. Mainly dried plums are known as prunes. It is highly nutritious along with a lot of health benefits. It has a sticky but sweet taste.

Health benefits of prunes

High antioxidant

The first and foremost benefit of prunes is it is high in antioxidant content. And we all know the importance of antioxidants for our body. It has great preventive qualities for some diseases. It take cares of free radicals which can create damage in our body. It neutralizes the dangerous effects of superoxide anion radical which is a oxygen based free radical. Free radicals damages the useful fats of our body and prune can be very useful against these.

Fight against diabetes and weight loss

Type 2 diabetes can be taken care of by prunes. It has soluble fiber contents which are useful in normalizing blood sugar level. It highly influences the time of glucose absorption. Prunes can produce a feeling about our stomach being full. So it can be very effective in weight loss measures.

Reducing cholesterol and taking care of intestines

Prunes can be very useful in the control of cholesterol. Generally it produces propionic acid from its insoluble fibers. This acid may be responsible for the cholesterol lowering. From studies it was also known that propionic acids lowers the activity of an enzyme which is responsible bad cholesterol.

Prunes are very much useful for our intestines. It can prevent constipation. Insoluble fibers in it provide foods for the useful bacteria inhibiting in our large intestine. Fermentation takes plays because of friendly bacteria. Thus a fatty acid named butyric acid is formed. This acid helps us to keep our colon healthy. And thus by prunes we can minimize the risk of colon cancers. Studies also show that this dried fruit can produce some other short chain fatty acids which are proved helpful for our livers and muscles.

Reducing the risk of postmenopausal breast cancer

Post menopausal breast cancers are very dangerous. But from respective sources it is known that more than 50,000 postmenopausal women were found with reduced risk of cancers as they were consuming fruit based fibers. The risk of cancer has been reduced more than 30% in last 10 years. So choosing a fruit fiber based diet is very helpful. And prune is full of fibers. So it can be very effective against cancers.

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