Acai berry is a reddish or purple fruit. This acai fruit is found in South and Central America. Researches indicate that this fruit is the potential source of antioxidant. This fruit may also have the potential to prevent diseases like cancers and heart diseases. These days much has been talked about effectiveness of acai berries in losing weight. Many questions are arising among the people like –

Does acai berry weight loss really work? Is acai berry good for weight loss? In this article I will try to answer these questions.

Many discussions, researches and forums are talking about this berry. Sometimes it has been called one of the healthiest foods on the planet! So how does acai berry work? Acai contain substances called anthocyanins and flavonoids. These two elements are great for our health because they fight the body stressors and protect the cells. These two antioxidants are good for anti-aging and neutralizing the free radicals. Acai berries are supposed to be good for weight loss, anti-aging and many more. But I said “supposed to be” so there are some factors which needed to be considered to understand the appropriate usefulness of acai berry. You can’t just rely on the acai berry weight loss stories; you have to know the real truth about acai berry and weight loss.

Does acai berry really work for weight loss?

Acai berry and weight loss – together, these terms are used a lot. But scientific researches give us dubious results. Acai berry may protect the cells from damage and it can be proved very useful fighting cancer and heart diseases but weight loss is a different term and it doesn’t always go with this berry. It’s because the scientific research evidences are showing lacking in this connection. So the questions remain without answers.

Most people think that using acai berry to lose weight is not a good idea. So does acai berry work? Now that’s a burning question which have many answers. Yes, it works like many other fruits because it is full of antioxidants. But there is no magic in it which will cause the weight loss. It is a super healthy fruit but does acai berry help with weight loss? The answer is: It is not that effective in weight loss. Barely acai berry cannot make your fat to burn. You need a lot of physical activities along with healthy diets and regular checkups for weight loss.

What acai berry products actually do?

In many websites we saw products like- “acai berry detox”,” acai cleanse”, “acai pure” etc. Most of the times these are acai berry scams. There is no diet which is composed of only this berry. Some of these advertisers tell us about more than 400% weight loss by berries than doing exercises and having proper diet! How they make such claims! Detox acai products also claim to cleanse the system! These are definitely scams. Even Oprah Winfrey has written in her website the acai berry weight loss review. She said clearly that acai berry products cannot help losing weight. She has expressed reprehensions to those which claim to promote weight loss by acai berries. These advertisers are either dunce or dishonest.

Acai berry side effects

Fruits are natural things. Most of the natural things are free from side effects. But overdoing anything can cause some harm to us. Acai berries contain monounsaturated fats (MUFAS). Many other fruits also contain this MUFAS. To get sufficient MUFAS from acai you need to eat a lot of them. And these can be proved as an impediment in your weight loss plan because they will give you tons of calories. Now I will illuminate some of side effects of acai berries

  • People who have uncontrolled IBS or Irritable bowel syndrome may find it difficult to have a proper digestion activities while taking acai.
  • Many people are found hypersensitive to acai, blue berries and grapes. They may experience Itchy watery eyes, rash and congestion.
  • Severe conditions are also seen in some cases like dizziness, vomiting, having mental confusion, abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Conclusion: acai berry review

After all these discussions, now you know what does acai berries do. Barely acai berries weight loss is a bogus thing. For losing weight you need to have perfect plans, diet charts, cardio, physical activities and patience. From acai berry weight loss reviews it is clear that only berries cannot help to lose weight. Though we can use the benefits of acai berry as it is great for cell protection and heart care. Again I have to say that it is just a fruit and it can help in the weight loss program if added with the calorie controlled diet and physical activities. Abandon high calorie foods and drinks, trim you favorite foods into small pieces and you will get the results. End of the day I can say that now you know whether the acai berries work or not. So you can take them as a dietary supplements because there are many health benefits of acai and it will not become an impediment in the way of your weight loss program.


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